How To Secure Your Home When On Holiday

Home Security

Going on holiday should be enjoyable, and you’ll enjoy it knowing that your home (or business) is secure in your absence. Even if you’re not planning a holiday, having a security survey to ensure the locks and other security measures are modern is a good idea. By consulting a professional locksmith before your holiday, you can travel with the peace of mind that your property is safe.

Many things must be done when planning a holiday: booking accommodation and flights, packing, arranging pet care, and watering plants. Most of these are apparent, but there is another important consideration – when a house is left unattended, it is more prone to theft. It becomes an easier target, so it is essential to ensure your home is protected in the best way possible. This is advised if you work long hours or are otherwise away from home often, but it is vital when leaving town.

If you are going away on holiday, you may be concerned about leaving your home unattended. You can take several steps to ensure your home is safe and secure while away.

Here are some tips that will help keep your home safe:

  • Check that all doors and windows are locked before you leave. This includes back doors, garage doors, upstairs windows and any other means of entry or exit.
  • Don’t forget to lock up any sheds or garages too.
  • Install an alarm system if you have not already done so. If you do not feel comfortable installing one yourself, contact a professional for assistance.
  • Ask a close friend or family member to watch your property while you are away. They can also check for signs of break-ins after dark when many burglars tend to strike.
  • Consider hiring a security guard if no one else is available to watch over the property during the day and evening hours when most burglaries occur (usually between 6 pm and 6 am). A guard will also act as a deterrent against thieves who could see your house as an easy target due to its empty appearance while you’re away on holiday.

What to do before you leave

  • After you have booked your trip, the following Google search should be for ‘locksmiths___ ‘ or ‘locksmith___’ in your location. We suggest that you take a look at any independent reviews. Make an appointment once you find a qualified local locksmith who suits your needs. They can do a security survey and recommend what security measures should be taken before your trip. Suggestions may include:
  • Updating locks: it is imperative to have quality locks for your home. Your locks should meet British Standard 3621, and a qualified locksmith can update them if they do not. A quality lock can go a long way to prevent a break-in – perhaps by fitting anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-bump, and anti-drill cylinders. They can also assess your windows to make sure they are secure.
  • Better protection for outdoor properties: while a simple shed may not seem like the most obvious target of theft, it can happen. Outdoor properties should be secured according to the value of what’s stored inside. Various options include gate locks, padlocks, garage door bolts, and ground anchors.
  • Once you have high-quality locks fitted, don’t forget to use them.

The local locksmith will make recommendations based on each security survey. The goal is to keep your property secure at all times.

How To Secure Home Windows On Holiday

The holiday season is a time for celebration but can also be a time of anxiety. After all, you’re not at home to monitor things. Plus, there’s the added risk of intruders who want to take advantage of empty homes while homeowners are away.

Here are some tips on how to secure your windows during the holidays:

  • Make sure they’re locked and secured before you leave.
  • If you can’t lock your windows, install security bars or shutters to prevent intruders from breaking in.
  • Use a timer or automated system that closes and opens the blinds at set times to make it look like someone’s home even when they aren’t there.
  • If you have an alarm system with cameras installed around your property’s perimeter, ensure it’s armed when you leave town for extended periods so you can monitor activity from afar via remote access on your smartphone or tablet device.

A home alarm system

An alarm system is an obvious deterrent as the sound alone should warn off any burglar. Ensure that your alarm is serviced regularly.

Several devices, including motion detectors, glass break detectors and magnetic door contacts, can trigger alarms. The most common type of alarm is a burglar alarm that alerts the police during a break-in. An alarm system is an obvious deterrent as the sound alone should warn off any burglar. Ensure that your alarm is serviced regularly.

The home insurance discount is another reason you should invest in an alarm system. Your premiums will be reduced if you have an alarm installed, so it’s worth considering this option before you renovate your home or buy a new one. If you don’t want to deal with an audible alarm, consider installing a silent alarm that alerts the police directly rather than sounding an alarm inside your home.

CCTV Home Security System

A CCTV home security system is a cost-effective way to protect your home and family. A CCTV camera can monitor entrances, exits, or other parts of your property. This extra security measure can be a stand-alone or work with an alarm system. Cameras deter any would-be intruders and, in the event of a break-in (or attempted break-in), can provide evidence for the police.

The best CCTV systems provide remote access to live video feeds on your smartphone or tablet using an app. You can even receive notifications when certain events occur on your property — such as motion detection or doorbell rings — so you’re always aware of what’s happening at home.

Upgrade Your Locks

If you want to secure your home, your locks are a great place to start. Millennium Locksmiths have been helping hundreds of homes upgrade their locks to gain peace of mind when they leave for their holidays! Visit our page & find out more about our services: Locksmith Slough.

Finally – relax and enjoy your trip!

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