Why you should always change your locks in a new build property

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Why you should always change your locks in a new build property

Buying a home for you and your family to call their own is incredibly exciting. Some people may buy a property owned and lived in before, but others may want to invest in a new build property instead.

There are many amazing things about buying a new build property; they are designed to be modern and offer all the comforts you may look for in a house. Not only this, but you also have the added benefit of feeling that it is brand new to you and that no one else has ever lived in it.

Of course, this can make you feel more settled and safe in your home, which is fantastic as this should be how you feel. But we still believe that every new home, even new builds, should have replacement locks installed as soon as you get the keys.

Why do we think this? Why do we say you should always change your locks in a new build property?

Changing the locks in your new build property is one of the most important things you can do to protect your investment.

The chances are that in a new build property, the locks will be installed by the builder. While this may be convenient for them, it can leave you with a problem if they use shoddy materials or don’t change them regularly.

There is no reason why a builder should not change their locks whenever they change the keys for their use. They could easily apply for extra keys from their supplier and have them fitted at no cost – especially if it means protecting their interests.

If you’re buying a new build property, take some time to inspect the doors and windows closely before you sign off on them. If there are any problems with security, insist that these are resolved before any agreement is made or work is carried out on site.

You get the best quality locks.

Not everything added to a new build is known to be the best quality possible. It is more about getting the properties up and ready to be lived in. If you buy one and have new locks installed, you know you are getting a good quality option. One that will keep your home as secure as possible and be long-lasting.

Most people do not realise that a good lock can make your home safer. It is easy to get a door lock that is of low quality, and this can be very bad for your property. Many companies sell locks, and ensuring that you go for quality ones is crucial. This will ensure the door is well protected from burglary and other crimes. You should get a lock that lasts longer and keeps your house safe.

You can get a great variety of locks in different styles. You can choose from many locks, such as deadbolts, door knobs, and handles. You can even get biometric locks to ensure that only certain people can enter your home.

You can choose your lock type.

Following the above point, when you have new locks installed in your new home, you choose what you have. You can choose a lock type that will work best for you and that you and your family can use daily.  Two common types of locks we fit are composite door locks and window locks.

Choosing the right lock is a very important part of home security. It’s about protecting your valuables and ensuring your family’s safety.

Many types of locks are out there, and they all have pros and cons. So what kind of lock should you choose? Here are some of the most common types:

Deadbolts are probably the most popular type of locks used in homes today. Deadbolts require a key from both sides to open and close them, so they’re great for preventing break-ins. However, deadbolts can be damaged by crowbars or other tools if someone wants to get into your home. Deadbolts are also expensive because they require two separate keys (one for each side).

Keypad locks allow you to enter your home without carrying around a bunch of keys whenever you come back from work or run errands. They’re also safe because you can only access them with an emergency key that only works once — which means that if someone steals your phone or wallet with your emergency key in it, they won’t be able to get back inside your house once they’ve left again!

You know that you are the only one who has the keys.

Whilst a new build will limit who holds keys for your property, there is still a good chance that some people will have had keys at some point. Builders, office staff, contractors and, of course, estate agents will all likely have held keys at some point.

Of course, they are professional companies and should have their processes to protect those they have, but it is always a nice feeling to think that you are the only people who have held the keys to your house.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why investing in brand-new locks for your home is worthwhile. So, why not get in touch with a professional company that you know will be able to ensure that your brand-new home is as secure as possible and ready to move in?

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