Locksmith Services For Schools, Nurseries & Colleges – Millennium Locksmiths

Case Study:

A very satisfying job this week. Way back, before the school holidays, I was asked to quote for fitting digital locks to the classrooms of a local junior school and I’m pleased to say that Millennium Locksmiths won the contract.

The job consisted of 25 fresh fit digital locks, programmed to the customer’s desired code plus fresh fitting 4 sets of claw locks to the sliding doors of classroom store cupboards.

The school agreed to this being carried out over 3 days during the summer holidays which meant that we could work unhindered and without disrupting lessons – for everyone’s convenience.

Digital locks are a simple and cost-effective way to secure a door without the use of the key. Most have a push button code to be entered, which releases the lock. These locks can also have a switch to disengage the lock for example at the start and end of the day to enable free movement.

Claw locks are a little more unusual but a great way to secure sliding doors. When the key is turned, the bolt expands sideways into its keep – its easier to see how it works from a photo and as you can see it’s a very robust lock. Some escutcheon plates finished off the doors nicely to protect the wood around the key-ways.

Whilst on site we established that there were a couple of doors which needed a little work (with the school’s authorisation) to ensure that the locks would work properly – the hinges of the staffroom door needed replacing and another door had a crack which was repaired.  We were in a position to be able to do this as it made our job simpler and saved the school an additional job.

On completion, a walk around with the manager ensured that they were happy with the work done and that the locks were achieving the required security – it’s easy to discover at this stage that a door has been forgotten or has different usage to others and so needs a different approach to security.

So as far as security is concerned the school is all ready for the new academic year – so long as the locks are actually used of course!