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What is Cylinder Snapping?

Cylinder snapping is a technique used by burglars to break locks by force. It involves breaking the cylinder so that they can operate the lock ‘manually’ to open the door. The cylinder is what locks all of the locking points in place to make your door secure.

Anti-snap locks are a British Standard kite marked euro cylinder with a security star rating and are perfect for the replacement of all types of euro cylinders found in today’s market for uPVC or double glazing doors. This is a high specification euro door cylinder with numerous features like the snap resistance bar and a double sided dimple and trace security key.  Giving you total peace of mind.

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Cylinder snapping is something to be aware of, but you don’t need to be afraid of it. Our anti-snap cylinders are designed specifically to resist attempts at breaking them, they are also anti-pick and anti-bump and so resistant to even a determined burglar. They can be installed on uPVC, aluminium and composite doors, and we can install them the same day.

You deserve to feel safe. Start by getting locks that will keep your property secure from burglars. A good sound security system can save you untold stress and trauma from the effects of being a victim of burglary. We are able to provide a free no obligation assessment of all your door and window lock requirements, so that you can keep your family safe and secure.

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The Anti-snap locks that Millennium Locksmiths install are:-

  • TS007:2012 British Kitemark – 3 star rating

It is important to also be aware that locks that passed older Kitemark prior to the TS007:2012 will not have been tested for lock snapping. Also, TS007 Kitemark with one star rating will also not have passed snapping tests and should be replaced in our opinion.

Anti-Snap locks and British Standards questions.

In our opinion, the only locks that can really withstand attacks from burglars are those that have British Kitemark. Those locks that are ratings are those that we highly recommend and will withstand attempted break-ins from lock snapping techniques. It is likely that your insurance policy will require locks meeting this standard.

The lock that is British Standards BS EN 1303 2005 Kitemark rating does not actually test a lock for lock snapping.  It is only those newer locks that are TS007:2012 standard test for lock snapping.  If you are unsure, please contact our expert locksmith Tim, who can advise you with his many years of experience.