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When moving into a new house or flat, it’s crucial to prioritise safety measures. One of the initial steps you should take is changing the door locks, especially the front door lock, as it is the most vulnerable to tampering or break-ins. By implementing security measures like this, you can ensure that only you and your family have access to your property. If you have recently purchased or mortgaged the property, you have the freedom to enhance its security. Consider how many other individuals may have keys to your home. Let’s prioritise your peace of mind and create a secure living environment.

The reality is that unless you have the locks on your new home swapped out when you move in, you may never know how many people have a set of keys for your home.

The average household will have seven keys for the front door, with only 3 or 4 of those keys being known to the homeowner. This is a scary statistic as you may ask yourself, where are the missing keys? Who has access to them? This is a question that no one can answer accurately since keys get lost track of, being either stored away or lost. Most often or not, previous tenants or perhaps friends & family of those tenants will have been given keys. However, these are still keys that are unaccounted for.

Now, these people may not have ill intent, but it still means they can potentially access your home. It also means that someone who does have malicious intent can gain access to your home if they know what they are doing, stealing keys from others to steal from your property.

Protecting your home

The situation we’ve mentioned above illustrates a worst-case scenario. While we understand that the likelihood of it happening is minimal, there is still a possibility due to the existence of additional keys that you may not be aware of. This presents a potential risk of unauthorised access to your home without breaking in, making it alarmingly easy for intruders to trespass and steal your belongings. If you have any concerns about the security of your home, it is advisable to replace the front door locks. This precaution ensures that only you and your family have the ability to enter your home, providing peace of mind.

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It’s a chilling reality that if the locks in your home haven’t been changed in years or even decades, the number of keys that can open your front door could be alarmingly high. We’ve encountered locks that date back almost half a century, which raises concerns about the multitude of keys that may still be out there. Perhaps the estate agent retains a set, or maybe the builders who worked on the property do. It’s even possible that a cleaner forgot to return the keys. The truth is, you have no way of knowing who may have access, leaving you with an endless list of unaccounted-for keys. The potential consequences are unsettling, as these stray keys could fall into the wrong hands and be used for malicious purposes like theft. It’s crucial to consider the implications and take appropriate action to ensure your home’s security.

A house will be one of the biggest purchases we make in our lives, seconded by perhaps a wedding or a car. Securing your home is a worthwhile investment since it’s not only your security that’s concerned. It’s that of your loved ones as well as your property. Furthermore, things like your contents insurance could be void if you’re found to be using outdated locks on your doors and windows since insurance providers will take the easy route in a claim, citing that the homeowner didn’t do all they could have to protect themselves from a burglar. It’s better to give hard evidence that you’ve done all you could to stop a trespasser, further bulletproofing your claim if it ever came to it.

“Sadly, in times of recession and a low economy, there is usually a corresponding rise in the number of thefts & break-ins as people resort to desperate measures like burglary. Whenever a needy individual comes across a set of home keys, who is to say they wouldn’t use them to break into your property?”

Surprising as it may be, many recently built homes often come equipped with “master keys” provided to the developers. These keys allow convenient access to all homes within the newly constructed estate, eliminating the need for developers to carry around a cumbersome set of keys. While this system benefits developers, it poses a significant security risk as these master keys grant access to every home. Although measures are typically taken to ensure the secure distribution and management of these keys, there is always a possibility of unscrupulous individuals involved in the construction process attempting to pilfer and sell them to criminals.

Locksmith AylesburyFor utmost peace of mind, Millennium Locksmiths strongly recommend replacing or rekeying all the locks in your home. Ensuring the security of your property allows you to go about your day with confidence, knowing that your house is protected and only you and your family have access to it.

The safety of your loved ones and your belongings should always be a top priority. Within the confines of your own home, where harm and burglary can pose a threat, changing the locks should be your first line of defence. When moving into a new property, prioritising the protection and security of your home and family is crucial.

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Has this article enlightened you on the importance of securing your property? If you now understand the value of changing the locks at home, don’t hesitate to contact a trustworthy and reliable locksmith who will assist you in protecting your property.

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