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Welcome to Millennium Locksmiths. Our company is an independent, family-owned company specialising in domestic and commercial locksmith services in Marlow. We’re able to use each and every possible strategy to get you out or into your home or business. With our emergency locksmith services, our qualified professionals will arrive at your location within minutes of you getting in touch with us and deliver an extremely fast and reliable lock-out service.

For more information on our twenty-four-hour emergency locksmith service in Marlow, you need to telephone 01628 220193.

It is hard to obtain peace of mind if you haven’t got the appropriate  security locks to protect your property from potential thieves. Our highly trained and fully qualified professionals can assist you to use the best choice locks and home security system for your property.

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Here at Millennium Locksmiths, we usually provide locks that are meant to fortify your home against trespassers. We run into many trespassed houses that have been burgled with the main point of access being their front or back door! The locks used on these entry points are usually old or poor quality, and aren’t fit in line with proper standards! There are a lot of locks that are provided by amateurs which undermine the security of your home. Ill-fitted locks are almost as bad as no locks since any halfway crook will be able to bypass them with even basic methods! If you are looking for a reliable locksmith in Marlow to fit new locks in your home, Millennium is the provider for you.

Protecting Your Home From Trespassers:

86% of burglars use a multitude of methods to avoid bumping into the occupant, with 3/4 abandoning a robbery attempt altogether because they had heard someone in the home or someone returning home.

Burglars that have been caught and convicted have spoken out about some of the methods they’ve used to break into homes in efforts to help homeowners defend themselves from becoming a break-in victim.

1 in 5 common burglars uses a hat or mask to cover their hair to disguise themselves when they are stealing. Most night-time burglars admit they would hide to avoid discovery from the occupant.

A lot of thieves also wear cheap trainers/shoes which they can dispose of after they’ve burgled a house. Most burglars will always wear gloves or socks on their hands to avoid leaving fingerprints on anything they may potentially touch.

Despite this information, Only 14% of burglars that were interviewed reported higher levels of awareness with leaving evidence at the scene of a crime. Measures like not leaving cigarette butts, wiping away any sweat, or wearing latex gloves under normal gloves are seen as extra measures that a lot of burglars won’t take.

Burglars usually target properties that look unoccupied and which also provide easy entry and exit point so that they’re able to get away quickly if they’re caught in the act.

Catching a burglar is rare since it’s in the burglar’s interest to invade a house while the occupants are out. At Millennium, we think preventative measures are the most effective as removing vulnerable points of entry will stop a burglar in their tracks. We have a few points below that you may want to consider if you’re looking to protect your home.

Locked Out Of Your Home? We Can Help!

It’s a shock if you end up locking yourself out, as no one plans to do so. Often or not, you’re in a situation where you’re rushing to get out and you’ve either forgotten your keys or you’ve misplaced them elsewhere. Unless you have someone nearby who has a key to your home then one of your only options is to contact a professional locksmith! At Millennium Locksmiths, we have suitable methods that we’re able to use to get you back into your home. Depending on the lock used, we may be able to get you in without having to replace your lock.

Upgrading The Locks In Your Home:

There are a range of reasons why a homeowner would choose to upgrade the locks in their property. The main one being that new locks offer a higher level of protection than any older locks can as well as offering more reliable locking/overall function when it comes to using the locks on a daily basis. Old/broken locks can be a worry since you can never depend on them, so it might be a good time to upgrade the locks in your home if you’ve spotted a few that aren’t working as they should! 

If your door locks and window locks are starting to display signs of wear, it’s most likely time to repair or replace them. After all, locks work around the clock to protect you and your family. Whatever the reason, benefit from the experience of our locksmiths to finish the job professionally. 

Think About The Outside Of Your Home!

A lot of properties will have garages, sheds, and gates that need to be considered when you’re thinking about the security of your home. Wanting trespassers will always look for an easy way into a property so the times of a simple slide bolt or catch cannot prevent them. We have an array of security methods to secure your side gateway, while not causing excessive inconvenience for you personally when you wish to access through the gate.

Tips To Make Sure Your Home Is Protected:

Making the property look occupied – Having a timed light on that will turn on when you aren’t at in the house will make the house look occupied deterring criminals.

Having locks on all doors and windows – you would be surprised at how many homeowners are using old locks that provide little to no protection against burglars at all! An unsecured lock is as bad as no lock, so making sure you have reliable anti-snap locks on all doors and windows are essential to making sure your house is safe from burglars.

Remembering to lock all doors & windows – While it’s good to have secure locks, not using them defeats the point. Making sure you always lock your front and back door, as well as your windows, is very important.

Removing valuables from sight – Making sure “quick grab” items like jewellery, watches, money and gadgets like phones and laptops aren’t just out for people to see as they walk past your home. Avoidance is as effective as deterrence, so don’t give the burglars a reason to choose your home!

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