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When you move into a new home there are always important safety measures you should take when it comes to making sure only you and those who you trust have access to your home. The first question you should ask yourself once you’ve moved into your new home shouldn’t be where’s the kettle? But how many other people have keys to your new home? Do you know how many people have access to your home? For more information about the security of your home please visit our page on Locksmith Amersham

This can be a question many of us may take for granted and the truth is that until you have the locks on your new house changed as soon as you move in, you may never know exactly how many others have a copy of the house keys.

Locksmith AmershamWhen you are looking for a professional and trusted locksmith to help you to secure your property by changing the locks, then Millennium is the best option for your requirements. Call for all locksmith professional enquiries on 07966 233092 or visit our website for more information – Locksmith Amersham

A home will be one of the largest purchases you might undertake in their life and make payments on the mortgage each month and even contents insurance could very well be redundant if you do not take essential measures towards guaranteeing the primary security of your home.

In fact, if your locks of your house haven’t been replaced in years there are the prospects for there to be more copies of keys than just the ones in your possession. It could be the former house owners had given a set to a family friend or perhaps the next door neighbour, perhaps the estate agent has a set or a number of tradesmen and cleaners too. The list may be endless and although a number of sets of keys could very well be lost, never to be found again, that doesn’t mean that changing locks should not be your first priority. You will never know how stray keys are going to be found and used, and just how they will be taken and used for an untrustworthy purpose like burglaries.”

“Regrettably, during times of economic downturn, there is usually an equivalent surge in the rate of burglaries because of opportunists finding careless gaps left in house safety measures plans. Any time a needy person comes across a couple of house keys, who’s to say they would not use them to enter your home?”

An issue that might surprise a lot of us is that often, many homes which were built recently and even a couple of decades ago is that many developers carry master keys to the entire property estate. The developers give site contractors quick access to each individual home in the development with a single key to carry out their job as it is much simpler to use one key to work with several homes instead of carrying 30/40 different keys. There is typically tight monitoring around the use and the accessibility of such master keys, however, how many keys fall through the net?

For complete reassurance, Millennium advises having all the locks changed or all set to a brand new key. Security can give you comfort so rest easy if you know for certain that only you and your family can access your precious property.

Locksmith in AmershamThe safety of your family members, your property along with your belongings should really be a number one priority when your loved ones and personal belongings can be exposed to harm & burglary within your own house. Replacing the locks when moving into a new house should be a number one priority when it comes to the protection & the security of your own home and your family.

Look no further than Millennium Locksmiths who’re a recognised independent family company who take pride in supplying an excellent service. Our company is a Checkatrade, Trading Standards and Which? Reliable Trader accredited company. With all of our locksmith professionals being DBS (previously CRB) checked and approved. We are able to supply an in-depth service designed to secure your property both securely and safely; providing you with reassurance and complete satisfaction for your family.

Has this informative article helped inform you on the safety in your house? If you have understood the necessity of changing the locks at home then contact a professional and honest professional locksmith to help you protect your property. Give Millennium a call for any locksmith professional questions on 07966 233092 or pay a visit to our website for more information – Locksmith Amersham

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