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Is your unit secure?

You might think that an industrial unit is more secure than a house. The fact is that industrial areas are quiet in the evenings or early mornings and at weekends.

This gives opportunist thieves a chance to spend some uninterrupted time breaking in. They may also spot particular items/property they want to steal, trying to find things they can make quick money from.

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Is your unit a target?

Put yourself in a thief’s mindset. If your unit looks unprotected & insecure, would you choose that unit over others? Burglars will always scope a unit out before they break in. Burglars who take a detailed approach will know that industrial estates aren’t always occupied. Like with any burglary, they will wait until workers vacate the building. The term is “casing” a property, which is where the burglar(s) research a property before they strike. Industrial estates are usually accessible by the public, allowing anyone to drive through to scan the area. Burglars are opportunistic, trying to spot any chance they get to have an easier time breaking into a unit.

In order to protect against burglars, you have to place yourself in their shoes. By taking a look at different approaches & techniques of how industrial burglaries occur, we can work backwards to find ways of protecting against them. At Millennium, we strive to protect the property of hard-working people against criminals who want to take advantage. From industrial estates to retail businesses, we’ll work in the commercial sector to protect against burglary.

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Modern burglaries

The times of “smash & grab” are over, since burglaries are usually less crude than times before. Smart burglaries are the next threat to businesses, with burglars becoming smarter. There are many ways burglars can overcome alarm systems as well as CCTV, so locks are a vital part of your unit’s protection. Alarm systems are the first thing a burglar overcomes, disabling it in one way or another. There’s been reports of alarm bells filled with foam to stop them from ringing, as well as damage to CCTV cameras disabling their IR lights to disable its ability to record at night.

There have even been cases of burglars setting off the unit’s alarm so that the police/owner will stop responding. They then prey on the complacent owner & use the dwell time to break into the unit. The usual targets for these types of burglaries consist of high-value stock robberies, as well as safes or vehicles. Criminals will steal vans/lorries so they can use them for other crimes. If your unit has commercial vehicles parked inside/outside then these may also be a target.

How can you stop them?

It might be worth considering additional bolts to roller doors and shutters and making sure that any cylinder locks give the best possible level of security – your insurance policy will probably tell you what standard is required for your level of cover – usually BS3621.

These locks are easily identified by the British standard kite mark stamped on them. If you are unsure – please give us a call to discuss your needs – we have years of experience and a range of locks to offer to give you peace of mind and keep your business secure. Our locksmiths work with industrial clients in Slough & Great Missenden

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Why bother with an industrial locksmith?

No one thinks they’ll be burgled. However, life is uncertain at best & things happen when we least expect them. You may be satisfied with your current security, but if you spot a weakness in your unit’s security, it’s best not to take the chance. Millennium Locksmiths have had decades of experience with commercial/industrial clients, working to better their security. We have a list below of things to consider if you’re thinking about your unit’s security:

  • Perhaps you need extra locks to a particular area.
  • You may have expensive equipment stored on the premises that are worth protecting.
  • Have you considered lockable anchor points to secure equipment?
  • Maybe you want to restrict which staff can get access to certain areas with a master-key system.
  • Do your staff all need access to a secure area? –a digital lock might be more sensible than a key operated lock.

Accidents happen:

Wear & tear is a cause of lock damage, as the locks in your unit are used on a day-to-day basis. We usually see severe damage on shutter locks because of the adverse weather. Because of this, a lot of work that we receive from industrial estates consists of repair work. Not all lock upgrades are due to burglary prevention. You may have locks in your unit that aren’t working as well as they used to. This can cause issues like not being able to enter your unit. We’ve seen many people locked out of their own unit because their key has snapped in the lock. Consider the below:

  • Are your existing locks working to the best possible standard?
  • Are your locks old & worn?
  • Do you struggle to open a lock easily?
  • Extremes of temperature don’t make for happy locks.
  • Unheated warehouses may cause the lubricant to thicken, whilst hot temperatures can cause the lubricant to dry out or the metal parts of a lock to expand.
  • In a dusty environment, you might wish to consider protecting the lock o prevent particles fouling the mechanism.

Whatever your lock problem is, we are confident that we can find a solution. We have years of experience in the commercial & industrial sector, helping businesses improve their security. Give us a call on 07966 233092 speak to a qualified locksmith.