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People use outbuildings and sheds for all sorts of things these days, from simply storing lawnmowers and other tools to using it  a workshop or office space.

However if you use the external buildings on your property, it likely contains lots of expensive items and equipment. That means you need to keep it secure in order to prevent theft and damage.  We offer a wide selection of security lock solutions to keep you and your property safe and secure.

If the property in your outdoor building or shed is valuable, don’t risk having it stolen by simply buying a padlock – get expert advice on keeping your possessions safe.

The level of security needed for outbuildings varies enormously and is usually related to the value of the contents. The variety of locks and bolts is dazzling and often confusing so we’re not going to list them all here.  Even an average set of garden tools, a cheap lawnmower and a couple of children’s bikes can cost £200+ to replace – it soon adds up!

Most sheds have a simple locking bolt but depending on how sturdy the door/and frame are it might be worth considering a mortice lock.If your car, motorbike or bicycle is your pride and joy then you may wish to secure their accommodation with more than a standard garage door lock – you may wish to consider garage door bolts which can be drilled into the frame or ground. Ground anchors can be fitted for motorbikes. Check your insurance policy to see what level of security is required for your valuables. A garden office may well contain expensive computer equipment or filing cabinets so make sure the door is secured to the appropriate level. Patio door bolts may be worth considering.

Workshops are likely to store tools and specialist equipment which may be difficult or costly to replace – again its important to select the most appropriate level of security for the locks in relation to the value of the contents.

A garden room or summerhouse may seem like simply a place to sit  but garden furniture can be costly to replace – don’t make it easy for thieves.

Give us a call to discuss your particular needs so that we can work with you to ensure that your belongings have the best security you can afford and which meets the requirements of your insurer. In fact the better your security the better your chances of reducing your insurance premiums.

What type of lock for your outdoor building?

Heavy duty sliding bolt lock
SUMMERHOUSE 3 lever mortice lock
GARDEN ROOMS 5 lever mortice lock and locking windows
STORAGE ROOMS METAL – PLASTIC High Security metal padlock
Combination bolt