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For the most part, elderly people would rather live in a house for as long as they can, instead of moving to a residential care home with full-time nursing care. We all take pleasure in the flexibility of residing in your own home so you can imagine the preference in flexibility and the enjoyment of living by yourself. This doesn’t mean however you cannot employ nursing care to look after your elders since they can visit to make sure they are safe and sound. They watch the elderly individual by popping in day by day to assist them with day-to-day chores such as personal care as well as other jobs around the house which they might need help with. If you need to speak to a member of our team to help with the decision making with a key box, then you can give our expert team a call on 07966 233092 or request a callback by submitting a form here: Millennium Locksmiths

They watch the elderly individual by popping in day by day to assist them with day-to-day chores such as personal care (like washing and dressing) as well as other jobs around the house which they might need help with.

Seniors are vulnerable and could be frail, which makes it hard to answer their door by themselves. Most are concerned about their safety and would rightly be worried about letting someone into their property just in the event that they are open to a burglary etc.

What Exactly Is A Key Box Used For?

Outdoor key boxes are the perfect answer for providing access to the home of an elderly person. Members of the family, as well as guests, can be provided with a basic 4 number passcode to write down so they are able to open the key safe, giving them access to the home without requiring their own keys to be worried about. The four digit code can also be provided to authorised nurses or carers who visit them on a regular basis so they don’t have their own keys. This really is a lot safer than trying to hide a key on the property or home, which places the elderly person at risk of robbery by intruders who may spend time observing the home to see where keys being hidden.

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Key Boxes and Emergencies

Anyone who has been given the passcode to the home is able to gain access to the keys, which means they are able to enter the property very easily and quickly in case there is an emergency situation.

Exterior key boxes are also perfect for enabling access to the emergency services if access is ever needed in case a person has tripped or hurt himself or herself or may be unwell and is incapable of answering their door.

The code can simply be relayed to emergency services personnel over the phone, saving precious time in entering the home. In the moments of unexpected emergency, each second counts and a key box could make a real difference when it comes to saving a person’s life.

Designs of Key Boxes

Outdoor key boxes usually are constructed from a strong and durable metal frame. Most key boxes come with a weatherproof keypad or toggles which are made to tolerate all types of weather conditions. Installed in a hidden spot, they blend in nicely with their surroundings. There are various styles available on the market that differ in cost depending on the number of keys they hold along with the intricacy of the safety locking system. The passcode can also be changed as frequently as is desired and is simple and easy to adjust. Whilst electronic key boxes are common, you will also find mechanical designs on the market that will protect against the likelihood of the key safe failing because of a power cut.

If you are interested in purchasing a key box for your home or perhaps a loved ones, then Millennium Locksmiths is the provider for you! With a great reputation, Millennium Locksmiths is a local locksmith service you can trust.

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