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Locks for public buildings

Public buildings will always have the need for secure locks since there are going to be areas that shouldn’t be accessed. Public buildings also need to be secured whilst they aren’t in use to avoid any trespassers/criminials taking advantage and stealing from the property. Whether you’re working in a communal office or a church, locks are vital to the security of the property. If you’re managing a public building and you need a locksmith, Millennium has you covered!

At Millennium, 99% of our jobs are done on the same day. This gives you the reasurance that your job will be finished quickly! Our locksmiths work swiftly to repair, replace or upgrade your locks in your property. We work with the best suppliers to ensure our locks are all insurance approved high security locks. We do this in efforts to better keep you and your property safe and secure.

We provide external and internal lock security for public and communal areas, including:-

  • Education establishments such as schools, colleges, universities and adult learning centres
  • Government offices and buildings
  • Hospitals and consulting rooms
  • Doctor’s Surgeries & Dental Surgeries
  • Libraries
  • Churches and other religious buildings
  • Military buildings and personnel accommodation
  • Transport buildings
  • Housing Associations
  • Community centres
  • Sporting clubs and changing rooms
  • Leisure centres and sporting venues
  • Housing and refuge centres
  • Crematoriums, funeral rooms & morgues

Churches & Synagogues & other places of worship

Places of worship may seem like an odd place to have to worry about in terms of security, however there are always going to be opportunists looking to make money any way they can. Any public building is going to have valuables in them. It’s a smart idea to think about the safety of the people and the property within the building.

We wouldn’t call ourselves church lock specialists but we have had a lot of experiences with working in places of worship! We’ve worked in a numberof churches providing with professional consultation on how to improve their overall safety. From door repairs to complete replacements, we can do it all!

If you manage a church, synagogue, mosque or other place of worship and you’re looking to have your locks replaced/repaired, Millennium Locksmiths can help!

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