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Are you in Ascot looking for a professional locksmith? Locked out of the house? Have a front door that won’t lock? How about a uPVC door that won’t close properly? These are all things that can easily happen on a daily, however, we never really account for! Most of us get taken by surprise when something like this happens, which is why it’s good to keep a locksmiths number handy!  Call your local locksmith in Ascot now on 01344 519077

Millennium offers a professional emergency locksmith that we’re proud to offer in Ascot. Due to the number of industrial estates in Ascot, we’re always called with a plethora of jobs with locks on warehouses, commercial building and retail properties. If you’re a business owner/commercial property manager in Ascot and need a locksmith, give us a call! A lock-related emergency isn’t worth leaving unfixed since it opens your property up for burglary/trespassers! This is especially important to fix if your building stores stock or other valuables. If we can’t replace or repair your lock on the same day, we can fit a temporary lock that will secure your building whilst we order the parts in. This makes sure that your property is safe whilst we work to secure your building permanently.

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Locksmith for schools, colleges & university campuses:

Our services don’t just apply to homes and businesses, as we also do work for schools & other official buildings! From classroom locks to shutters/doors for sports halls, we offer a reliable locksmith’s service to places of education. Our service is for those that are looking to keep a school/campus secure. Whether it’s one lock that needs replacing or a few vandalised locks, we can help you. Schools are important places to protect, especially with the number of goods that are targets for burglars. From computers to science equipment, there is a range of items that are worth stealing from a school. Schools, universities & colleges are a popular target for burglars.

uPVC Door Mechanisms:

With uPVC doors being so widely used in UK homes, there has been a big shift in what our locksmiths are seeing & working with when they work on uPVC doors. Most modern-day homes now use sophisticated locking mechanisms. uPVC Door Mechanisms offer much more security compared to their primitive counterparts. It’s these mechanisms that we’re servicing/replacing more and more as they are more widely used across the UK. We can almost guarantee that you have one of these mechanisms in your home, and they’re keeping your home more secure than a traditional locking mechanism would do!

If your uPVC door is playing up, not locking like it used to then give us a call and we can take a look at it! We can repair the uPVC door mechanism or replace it entirely anything to get your door working as it should!

Finding and working with a qualified locksmith:

Finding qualified locksmiths is as easy as looking for accreditation & overall reviews on social media as well as on review platforms like Checkatrade & Which Trusted Traders. These sites validate reviews making sure that no reviews are falsified making a company look better than they are. It’s these accurate review platforms you should find if you are questioning a provider as they are very accurate in the representation of how a company will do.

Your chosen locksmith should also be trained in a variety of different locks, doors & keys, being able to dynamically assess the situation as well as solve it. Amateur locksmiths will float by destroying old locks & fitting new ones, but it takes trained & skilled hands to handle your lock-related problem to the point where they can non-destructively let you into your home or business. In the event of a domestic job like upgrading your door locks, your locksmith needs to handle that also, not just being able to fit generic locks. A better-trained locksmith will also carry out the same job faster than an amateur would, meaning less cost for labour.

This is why so many people in the Ascot area choose Millennium Locksmiths since they have professional locksmiths that can handle any job you throw at them. Our locksmiths are fully accredited, letting you know your service is being carried out by professionals.


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