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Here at the start of August, most people are focussed on their summer holiday but it is worth sparing a moment to think about the rapidly approaching start of the academic year.

Is anyone one in your household changing school, starting college or university? Was something problematic last year that could be improved?

Do you need additional front door keys for someone who previously didn’t need one? Can this person actually manage the locks to the front door? Perhaps an old lock would be better changed if there is a risk of someone being locked out.

Do children need a padlock for their new school locker? Or perhaps they will be taking a bicycle.

le or scooter to school which needs securing during the day. When they get home can they put the bike away securely – does the side gate need a lock which can be used from both sides of the gate for ease of access

Off to university? Is a locker padlock needed? How secure is their room? Are they taking a bicycle?

To be honest these thought processes can be applied as preparation for a holiday too:

Is someone coming into water plants and pick up post? – can they use your locks easily or are they temperamental?

Can they get through the side gate to feed the rabbit? – a gate lock can be operated from both sides of the gate, rather than a bolt which works from one side

These things are more effectively dealt with in advance rather than being an afterthought. There are many available options to suit all budgets – Give us a call on 07966 233092 to discuss your needs