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Welcome to Millennium Locksmiths. We are a private, family owned & operated business that specialises in domestic and commercial locksmith services in Tring. Our team of trained & accredited locksmiths are on the roads waiting for your call! We’re able to deploy a range of services, methods & techniques to ensure that you’ll be able to get into wherever you’ve been locked out of.

Looking for a Locksmith in Tring and all surrounding areas please call us now on 01442 540093.  As an independent locksmith, we can get to Tring, Aldbury, Wendover, Aston Clinton, Pitstone, Chivery, World’s End, Weston Turville, Long Marston, Dugnall, Puttenham, Ringshall and Hawridge.

We are a family run business with a team of experienced locksmiths that are local to Tring. We’ve been providing a fast & affordable 24/7 locksmith service to Tring & surrounding areas for years. We pride ourselves on getting 99% of our jobs on the same day with an immediate response time of 30 minutes where possible.

We are a true local family business and genuinely care, so if you are looking for a company built on traditional values, speak with the leading locksmith service provider in Tring & surrounding areas today! Our team of locksmiths are more than capable of helping you if you’ve come across a door or window in your home that has been tampered with. Even if you’ve just broken the lock accidentally, our experts will still be able to visit your home and repair any damaged lock you may have!

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Locksmith Services in Tring

Our certified, knowledgeable and licensed personnel are passionate about supplying reputable and efficient professional locksmith solutions for our customers. Whenever you need to have locksmith services in Tring, even by scheduled appointment, our professionals will always be in a position to come to your private home or business to deliver Our locksmiths are situated throughout the region and therefore are close to Tring.

Having professionals living in a neighbourhood where we do business is helpful to our clients in two ways. First of all, if you phone us requiring an emergency locksmith service, we won’t keep you waiting. The specialist nearest to you should come to your location inside of a half-hour and resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Secondly, employing local locksmiths means that we do not incur considerable transport expense when visiting tackle your needs. We pass this way, using our services guarantees you a fast, reputable and price-efficient professional locksmith service. When you require installing or repairing your locks to ensure the protection of your family members, personnel and properties, simply just contact us.

24hr professional locksmith services in Tring

Are you looking for emergency 24-hour professional locksmith expert services in Tring? Well, search no further due to the fact you have come to the correct location. Millennium Locksmiths delivers around the clock lockout service with experienced technicians throughout Tring. You probably know this; you can’t foresee when you will require an emergency 24-hr locksmith solution since these things just develop. It truly is incredibly frustrating to become locked out of your residence late into the night when the only thing you want to do is get inside and chill out after having a long day’s work. It’s infuriating if the entrance locks of your retail outlet start to act up and don’t open up after work hours, postponing you getting home or before the working day gets going, cutting your trading hours.

When either of those distressing predicaments develops, don’t stress or worry. Call us and we’ll quickly dispatch an educated specialist that will remedy the matter and eradicate the issue in no time. Whatever time of day or night that you’ll need our services, our locksmith professionals are accessible 24hrs 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays!

Home locked out companies

Should you lock yourself within or outside of your property, the next step to do ought not to be breaking a windowpane or getting stuck getting through the cat flap. Purely call us today and our experienced locksmith will undoubtedly be on hand to resolve the trouble in an easy and efficient manner. You shouldn’t harm your home’s security and safety for the reason that you’ve been locked out. At Millennium Locksmiths, we have various practical techniques at our disposal and after checking out your locks we’ll try a method that will experience the least quantity of resistance and make certain that your family home won’t suffer from any harm during the process.

Replacing locks

There are lots of reasons, which will prompt a person, or businessperson to change locks. For those who have relocated into a property which was earlier occupied by someone else or family members, who knows which kind of person possessed access to the house keys of the home and changing locks is key if that’s the case. If your door locks and window locks are beginning to indicate indication of wear, potentially it’s time to replace them all. Since of course, they work tirelessly to defend your household and premises. Whatever your reason, take advantage of the experience of our locksmiths to perform the job in a high-quality way so that you can preserve the security of your residence and business at the strongest levels.

Lock Installing

When locks go wrong or become damaged, it’s crucial that they are replaced correctly and as fast as possible to keep the property or house protected. Millennium Locksmiths specialists can put in new locks for your property and company which means you can relax confident that your locks will close and open up just as you’d want, and ensure the protection of occupants and properties inside of your building.  Where applicable we fit “anti-snap” or also known as “anti-burglar” locks which are very hard to penetrate.

Outside your house safety

Whether it is a garden shed, your garage or outbuildings – we often fill up these places with valuable tools or apparatus that can mount up in worth. Make certain they are completely secured aided by the latest locks and security products.

Around Your Home

A lot of family homes have access to the garden via the side gate. Except When efficiently secured they usually are an easy way for undesired visitors to get into your premises. A basic slide bolt or catch will likely not stop them. We’ve got a choice of security measure solutions to secure your side entrance, without causing unnecessary irritation for you when you wish to access through the gate.

Roller Shutters/Security Shutters/Grills & Access Devices

Businesses often utilise shutters or front grills in order to protect their often glass fronts from vandalism, damage & crime. Whether it be with roller shutters, security shutters, grills or access systems we are able to provide a service for those that are locked out! It may be daunting when you’ve lost the key to your shutters but Millennium has you covered.

We can also provide installation services as wells as upgrades to your existing measures given the right specifications & requirements. We’ve helped thousands of businesses upgrade their businesses security in order to give you peace of mind when you’re locking up at the end of the day.

Lock Repair Service

You can’t avoid your locks from failing every once in a while. Sometimes damage can be caused by tampering or vandalism which needs immediate attention, whereas a lot of the time damage occurs after years of wear and tear. Most locks will be able to be repaired since there will be parts available for most domestic locks.

We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way, making sure you’re kept informed about everything we’re doing. A lot of locksmiths can hide secret fee’s & charges in jargon whereas we avoid all of that since we want to offer an easy to follow & transparent service that isn’t full of hidden clauses or fine print.

uPVC Door Hinges

Received a call from a customer in Tring – could I take a look at her parent’s uPVC side garage door which had a broken hinge? On arrival, it was quickly established that this door has 3 hinges and yes, one had broken with age.

This sort of work might be undertaken by a variety of trades uPVC supplier/fitter if its still within its warranty/guarantee, a handyman and some locksmiths. We have the knowledge and skills to help here and were pleased to be able to help out a valued customer.

Unfortunately, these hinges had been discontinued by the manufacturer, but my supplier suggested a suitable substitute. We replaced all 3 hinges as it’s reasonable to assume that the other two were likely to fail in the near future as they were all of the same age and condition. The job was fiddly as it required the door to be taken off to allow the hinges to be replaced. The replacement hinges were a perfect match and lined up with the old screw holes perfectly so we soon had the door re-hung. It was then a matter of adjusting the hinges to ensure that the door hung straight and opened/closed correctly within its frame and that the multipoint lock features of the mechanism lined up with all their counterpart apertures in the frame – this part is quite a time consuming process as it requires tiny adjustments at each hinge.

Customers were delighted that an old door was repaired at a fraction of the cost of a replacement door – which had been their fear. We had the satisfaction of doing something out of the ordinary – so everyone was happy.

Contact Your Reliable Locksmiths in Tring

It’s not possible to obtain peace of mind, comfort and reassurance if you have not fitted the appropriate security measures on your property to protect against criminals & vandals. Our highly trained and fully qualified industry experts will help you add the most appropriate locks and home security system for your property.

With our services, you can appreciate your night’s sleep well aware that your home and office are safe. Research shows that obtaining correct security locks significantly lessens bodily harm and loss of property to trespassers. A better security system in the office will have the effect of raising employee workflow as it instils professionalism and makes the workplace much more comfortable.

For additional details on our home-based or commercial building locksmith services in Tring, you need to telephone 01442 540093.

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