“My house has been broken into, my uPVC door locks are ruined!”

“My house has been broken into, my uPVC door locks are ruined!” – Millennium Locksmiths

Finding out that you’ve been burgled is a horrible situation to be in, but unfortunately, it’s one that more and more homeowners are finding themselves in. Studies suggest that in 2018, home invasions/burglaries saw a rise of 32% throughout the UK. These are not settling figures to see or hear. When that information is then digested and applied to your own situation, it can be daunting to think about the “what if’s”

Having your home broken into is quite truly invasive, leaving the homeowner/inhabitants of the property feeling vulnerable. There is a range of security issues that a broken-into property has to deal with like broken hinges & destroyed locks. In our experience, one of the most common ways a criminal can break into a home is through old & outdated uPVC door locks. uPVC doors are a common target for opportunistic criminals due to the fact that a lot of uPVC doors are equipped with outdated mechanisms & locks.

How are criminals getting past uPVC doors?

With older styles & types of uPVC door locks, breaking into them to open the door is as easy as using a hammer and a screwdriver. Whilst it isn’t as eloquent as picking the lock, it does work and is how 40% of all burglaries occur. This is a huge worry since such blunt techniques give trespassers such easy access to a property. Using rudimentary methods, someone who is looking to break into your home can do so in minutes.

Lock snapping is one of these methods that is often used, which is something we see too much of. Euro profile cylinder locks are often targetted which are one of the most common locks to be used on uPVC doors in the UK. Lock-snapping gives criminals access to your home in minutes if done correctly, as it takes only a few steps to break into a uPVC mechanism. Several police forces now recognise and outwardly declare that lock-snapping is the main ‘method of choice’ for forcing entry into a property.

Considering your safety & security:

As well as the obvious effects of being broken into, the homeowner then has to deal with having an unsecured property as the locks that the burglar broke through are now useless. Without secure locks on the damaged uPVC doors, your property is open to subsequent trespassing. It’s for this reason that we recommend having new locks fitted in the event of a break-in, as the existing locks will most likely be defunct if they’ve been damaged/vandalised.

Having new mechanisms & locks fitted to our uPVC doors can also offer reassurance in a time of despair, as it’ll be reassuring to know that your home is now secure. It’s unfortunate that it takes something as devastating as a break-in/burglary for a lot of homeowners to take their home’s security seriously. It’s a good idea to consider your own home in terms of how secure the doors & windows are and whether or not you should think about updating/replacing your outdated locks.

Working with Millennium Locksmiths:

Finding a local locksmith that can offer a thorough but dependable service can be difficult as expertise & experience is hard to find. The team at Millennium have decades of experience in the industry, re-assuring anyone who enquires with us that they’re in safe hands. Burglaries are incredibly unsettling, so it’s important that the point of call in this situation is a reliable locksmith who can make your home safe. Our locksmiths work to secure your home as soon as they can, fitting new locks & mechanisms where it is needed. In the event that we can’t replace the locks straight away, a temporary but secure lock will be fitted to ensure that your home/property is rendered safe overnight.

If you have been broken into or whether you’ve just considered your home’s safety, you can speak to our team on 07966 233092. Alternatively, you can find out more information by visiting our website – uPVC Door Lock Repair

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