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Preparing your home for the Summer – Millennium Locksmiths

With the Summer coming along nicely, there a few things that are somewhat essential to the quintessential British summer. Barbeques, pints in the sun, gardening & general housework that we left out in the Winter. With the longer days hitting us with full effect, we’re all given the time to give our homes some much needed TLC which is where you can consider a few things the Winter weather made impossible. From clearing out the garden shed to cutting down that shrub that’s been nagging at your for months, the Summer gives everyone the chance to take care of their house.

1. Painting the home

There is no better time to give your walls a fresh lick of paint than in the Summer! Now is a great time to paint up your walls re-newing the look of the space! People often put off painting and it’s easy to see why, but with the longer days, we can’t think of a better use of your time if you’re looking to do up your home! You might even want to experiment with different colours & accent walls to spice up the look of your house.

2. Clearing the gutters

The weather in the UK can be temperamental at the best of times, bringing harsh winds & rain through most of the year which can clog our drains/gutters up with leaves & other debris. This might not sound like an issue but it can cause water to build up to where it shouldn’t which can end up damaging your home. Gutters can gather water which can end up ruining the masonry of your home. If you think your gutters are clogging up, take a ladder to your walls and have a good clear out! It’s easy to do (as long as you’re being careful) and fairly quick to sort out!

3. Making sure your locks are working

This one is more of our expertise since it involves making sure that all of your locks are working as they should. Locks can play up over time, and they can tend to be ignored especially over the Winter since we can easily just forget about it, always leaving the repair for another day. Well with the Summer on our doorstep, now is the ideal time to have that dodgy lock fixed that you’ve avoided having done. Whether it’s a small uPVC window lock or a main lock on your front or back door, ensuring that your locks are working properly is essential to a functioning home. Calling a locksmith to come over & take a look at your locks is a good idea since they’ll be able to service/repair/replace any locks that might be playing up.

4. Get out in the garden!

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden space, then you should get out in the garden and take some pride in it! Gardening is therapeutic & it helps to organise your home since having a nice exterior space will reflect well on the interior. Whether it’s cutting the grass or trimming shrubs, there’s always something to be done when it comes to garden work! We can’t think of anything calmer than some chilled out gardening with some music playing in the background and the sun shining on your face!

5. Making sure your home is secure

Home security is important since your home is your castle and you want to do everything to protect it. Not only for the sake of your property itself but if you have a family then security should be at the forefront of your mind.

Protecting yourself, your family & your property is vital for the peace of mind of everyone in your home. It’s not only your home that is affected since you’ll want to secure the exterior locks (if applicable) like your shed, gate & anything else that is outside of the home. Keeping your property secure doesn’t have to be complicated since a simple approach to your home’s security is often the best one.

These are just a few tips to maintain your home & make sure your Summer goes smoothly! Keeping your house in shape is just as important as it is with yourself since it’s an extension of ourselves! Making sure that your home is as good of a condition as it can offers a state of mind that cannot be replicated any other way. If you’d like more information about how we can help secure & protect your home, visit our site on – Locksmiths Watford


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