“Why doesn’t my uPVC door open?” – Millennium Locksmiths Answers!

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“Why doesn’t my uPVC door open?”

Sophia from High Wycombe asks, “Hi there, my uPVC door won’t open, it will lock & unlock in the frame but the door itself won’t actually open. What can I do?”

Well, Sophia, we’ve got the answer for you! If you’re having difficulty closing or locking your uPVC door then there may be a few reasons causing this. If your handles seem to be operating the mechanism normally, then it could be a problem with the lock itself. Locks are an intricate mechanism with numerous parts that are all vital to the operation of the lock. If a certain part is worn due to wear & tear, you may experience issues like the one you’re having.

Needless to say, locks are vital to the security of your home so it’s important that any lock in your home is working properly. Leaving your uPVC door unlocked will put your home at unnecessary risk so if your lock is having difficulty shutting/locking then call your local locksmith today.


If you’ve noticed that your door isn’t closing as it should, this could also be due to a problem with the hinges of the door. If the uPVC door isn’t closing correctly, you might want to check that the hinges or the frame of your door. There could be blatant damage or debris that is hindering the function. This could stop the function by physically blocking the door, with any random debris blocking the hinge from closing fully.


Another issue that could be caused by debris could be the hindrance of the locking points. uPVC doors make use of mulitple locking points that can easily get blocked by random debris. An easy thing to do is to check the locking points that are located around the frame. Check each point around the perimeter of the door to ensure that nothing is physically blocking the lock/mechanism from working.

Weather affecting your performance:

During snaps of hot or cold weather, your uPVC door could also be affected by the weather. Whilst plastic/uPVC doors do cope well with temperature, a slight expansion is enough to shift the door to the point it won’t close or open. If you’re experiencing this, you can usually adjust the frame or locking mechanism to maintain the proper function. Your local locksmith should be able to adjust this for you, allowing you to use your door as you should! If it’s the lock that’s the problem, the mechanism itself could be at fault. The door’s cylinder could also be damaged, causing dysfunction within the door. This will have to be looked at by a professional locksmith as it either needs to be taken apart, or replaced. Both of these tasks shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it takes years of training to be able to replace these parts with the correct precision to enable safe & secure locking.

If you’re having issues with your locks or just need something looking at, give Millennium a ring! We’re available for any locksmith enquiries on 07966 233092 or check out our website for additional information uPVC Mechanisms Speak to an advisor today & we’ll have a locksmith sent out as soon as possible!

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