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Locks are a vital part of our home’s security and it can be a scary situation to be in when they stop working. As reliable as they usually are, uPVC locks can wear over time. This causes damage that leads to parts failing. When it comes to your door, there could be a range of reasons why your uPVC lock isn’t working. uPVC locks are made up of hundreds of individual components. These are all essential to the function and operation of the lock. If you think our uPVC lock needs repair, it’s worth asking the opinion of a professional locksmith. Take a look at our page on uPVC Lock Repairs for more information

Close up shot of uPVC LockOne of the more common jobs we visit is uPVC lock repairs as they are so commonly used in UK homes. uPVC locks are in both windows and doors and can all be repaired if needs be. uPVC locks are usually found on your uPVC door but they’re also used in a variety of French and patio doors. If you’re unsure of which type of door your home uses, speak to a professional locksmith to find out. They’ll be able to tell you which type of locks you need for your specific door.

A worn uPVC lock can break at any time. Wear happens gradually so it’s only a matter of time for an old lock to stop working. You could be experiencing a range of common uPVC lock problems. To better understand your issue, you can categorise your issue using the short guide below:

Some common issues that we’re used to fixing:

Jammed door lock – Your door lock won’t turn when the key is inserted into the lock. Your lock might work if you insert your key and jiggle it but this isn’t a safe lock. This is a clear sign of a worn/soon to be broken lock.

Door won’t lock – Your door won’t lock regardless of the key fitment. You may be able to insert your key into the lock but it will either not turn or it’ll jam halfway.

Door Lock is broken – This is a mixture of all the above, as the lock might just not work. Regardless of what you do, the key just won’t lock the door.

Key snapped off in lock – This can happen when your keys start to wear over time. This one isn’t too common with new keys but it can happen. If you trip and somehow catch the key whilst it’s in the door it can snap and leave the lock useless. This is a simple repair but does require special tools to remove the key.

The handle is broken – Your handle has either come off of the lock or is still connected but doesn’t do anything. This can be a sign of a broken uPVC door lock mechanism.

Sticky Mechanism – This is a hard one to explain to those that have never had the issue. Those with this issue will know how it feels as the mechanism feels “sticky” when in use. This can be a sign of a broken mechanism that needs repair.

Professional uPVC lock repairs:

As with all of our services, we take the same committed approach to uPVC lock repair as we do with any repair. We work with high-quality suppliers to ensure our parts are to a manufacturer’s standard. Locks are a vital cog in the machine that is our property’s security. It’s imperative that you ensure the safety of your home is prioritised. If you have a worn uPVC lock that needs looking at, contact Millennium Locksmith today. Take a look at our informative page to learn more about our service: uPVC Door Lock Repairs

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