Preparing for the winter with Millennium Locksmiths!

Preventing Crime During The Winter In Your Home – Millennium Locksmiths

Winter’s coming, and with that comes an unfortunate hike in crime since the days are shorter and criminals are able to operate for longer in the dark! The longer nights mean potential burglars have more time to carry out their activities.As we’re still enjoying these autumnal days, it’s now the perfect opportunity to think about reviewing our own home security so we can bring it up to scratch.

This year has truly flown by, so we really haven’t had much time to prepare the house for the winter. We may not face layers of snow or 24 hour night times but there are a few measures UK residents can take to make sure their home is prepared.


We spend a lot of time in our gardens, whether it be for a barbeque with family or friends or for social gatherings on a hot sunny day. The garden is a great place to start since a lot of homeowners tend to neglect external locks since they don’t seem too vital to home security. That old gate lock may seem unimportant but if a criminal has an easy way into the home, they’re going to take it. When we talk about burglaries, we are talking about the chance of it happening. You never know when a would-be burglar is surveying your home to break in at a later date.

Sheds & Garages

Installing quality locks on sheds and garage door locks is also a great tip since these are often neglected as well. If your garage opens up into a back road rather than an alley then it’s very important your locks are up to date with the latest in secure locks. Sheds are also important to secure since unlocked sheds are often the first thing criminals look for when they’re looking at potential properties to burgle.

Locks in your home

Reviewing your locks in your home is a huge security aspect you should consider every few years since we can often forget about the condition of our locks as we use them every day. From windows to front doors, you should have a locksmith survey your home to make sure the security of your home is within national standard of safe homes. Older locks which don’t utilise anti-snap systems are very easy to break into with simple methods of burglary. It doesn’t take a master criminal to be able to pick an old lock, so when it comes to keeping an old lock on your front door, you’re almost immediately at a disadvantage if a burglar decides to choose your home.

Anti-snap locks are the usual lock choice for homes that want to secure their home properly. A locksmith like Millennium will advise you on the proper practice and the safest way you can improve your security in your home. It’s important that you inquire with a credited and qualified locksmith like Millennium Locksmiths as they work under regulatory rules that guarantee a proper service with the proper locks. Cheap equipment leads to poor quality which is often the cause of most lock failures. ensure that you’re getting the best quality locks since it’s something that you’re going to be able to rely on! Don’t accept second best when it comes to the security of your home! Protect your family and property with proper locks from a proper qualified locksmith!

Other considerations you could consider if it’s applicable is installing top and bottom bolts on french doors or something like sash jammers on all UPVC doors which will fortify your doors against any attempt to open it without a key.

If you’ve moved into a new home then it is also worth considering replacing the old locks since you never know who has access to the house! Past owners or previous tenants could have copies of the keys so it’s a wise move to have the locks changed when you move into a new property. If there is any concern that you would like an answer to then you can ask a professional locksmith like Millennium who will respond with an informed answer so you can decide on new locks!

You should always take note of your local locksmith’s phone number in case of any emergencies that may occur. You never want to be without a solution or a resolution to a problem so keeping 07966 233092 in your contacts is a sound bet! Call Millennium Locksmiths if you are ever in need of a reliable locksmith!


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