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Controlling Access To Your Building – Millennium Locksmiths

If you work, own or just manage a building that requires communal access for several people, you may have come across master keys as a solution. Controlling the access to your building by using master keys is something a lot of commercial & communal buildings do since it’s a comprehensive solution to quite a big issue if it isn’t handled correctly. Allocating certain levels of access to the right people is vital for those that work in buildings that hold sensitive information, protected property or anything that warrants having restricted access. From military barracks to NHS surgery’s, using master keys to set levels of access is something any “communal” building can make use of. If you’d like to find out more about the types of buildings we’ve worked in before, visit our other post on – Master Key Systems For Communal Buildings

Master keys are complex in their design but simple in their use. Using a physical key, our locksmith will cut appropriate keys which will be given to those that need it. There will be a set of keys that will vary in their ability to gain access to specified areas. Whether you’re looking to break your building up into departments or just giving cleaning or maintenance staff access to the property, there will be a way to allow for this using a master key system.

Knowing Who Has Access:

You may think that just having new locks set up with X amount of keys and handing them out yourself would solve the issue of allowing people access to certain areas but this can get confusing quite quickly as you’ll soon lose count of who has a key to what area. Having a general key to access the entire building won’t allow for the appropriate access restriction that you desire. We’ve worked with a handful of clients that are often shocked about how many key’s they’ve given out, as over time people will forget about keys that have been given out. The solution to this is using a registered key that only authorised people can obtain. With registered keys, a certain number is ordered by the locksmith which then distributes them to the apt people. This way access is only given to those that need it. Additional keys are able to be ordered but this will have to go through an authorised individual who will have to work with the locksmith to have them ordered & cut from the manufacturer.

Tailored Master Key System:

Millennium Locksmiths can work to design a system that suits your needs. Master key systems are adaptable, expandable & replaceable so you don’t need to worry about being stuck with a master key system permanently. We’ve designed & fitted master key systems in a range of buildings, from domestic properties, schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, businesses & offices with multiple sites.

Examples of master key systems:

Master key systems can be confusing to visualise since there are so many crossovers when you think about the number of specific keys that you need to allow certain access to areas. We have a few examples of master key systems below to help you picture how you could make use of a master key system in your building.


Example #1 – Church/Village Hall Example – This diagram shows the different levels of access you’re able to set with a Master Key system. In this example, not all users/occupants of the building will need access to the storage areas, hence why there is limited access set by the physical keys.



Example #2 – Commercial Facility – This chart breaks down the access a master key is able to set. For example, you may want to give more access to the housekeeping staff as they may need to access particular rooms in order to clean & maintain the building. This level of access will be able to be set with certain keys that allow them to access these areas.


Example #3 – Facility – This chart displays how you’re able to give access to different members of staff, respective of their role. This gives any property owner/operations manager the ability to set access in terms of what they need access to. This sort of master key system is applicable to a range of buildings, from schools to military buildings

If you manage or own a building that requires a master key system or are curious if a master key system will work for you, give us a call! Our professional locksmiths are waiting for your call & can advise you on how best to use a master key system. Give us a call on 07966 233092, or alternatively, you can check out our website for more information – Communal Building Locksmiths


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