Is My UPVC Door Secure?

Is My UPVC Door Secure? | Millennium Locksmiths

We’ve all seen them, those doors with a lock that is designed to snap off with a little bit of effort. These UPVC doors have been fitted with a cylinder lock that can be broken off with very little force.

It’s a sad reality to discuss, but we do work with many customers who have had their homes broken into. Often or not, it’s victims of cylinder snapping that we’re helping, which is why we always recommend Anti-Snap Cylinder Locks in any home. If you’d like more information about upgrading your locks, visit our page on Anti-Snap Cylinders

A cylinder lock is one of the most common door locks in the UK and worldwide. They are installed on hollow core doors – such as UPVC or timber – and allow you to turn the key from outside to open your door without removing it from your pocket or bag first. When not used, the cylinder sits inside the handle and is pushed outwards when you need to unlock your door using the key on your keyring.

A burglary usually occurs when a criminal spots an easy target. Burglars are opportunists; if they spot a weak spot in a home, they’ll target it. For example, homes with poor door & window security are often targeted as they are much easier to bypass. Secluded homes are also typical for burglars as they are much less likely to encounter a witness.

Burglars will force entry most of the time. This means they’ll physically “break in” rather than softer forms of home entry, like picking the lock. Brute force is the usual go-to, so cylinder snapping is so popular. It’s an effective method for older locks as the cylinder will pop straight out, allowing immediate criminal access into the home.

uPVC doors are a target

uPVC doors are targeted the most since the cylinders used on older doors are very easy to bypass. Unfortunately, many of the UK’s population still use these doors in their home. These homeowners think that they’re well protected when in reality, they’re not. There used to be a time when your average cylinder would be sufficient to protect a home. Unfortunately, with advancements like the internet, finding out how to break a lock is becoming more accessible.

The lock industry has slowly caught up to current burglary techniques. A range of anti-tamper locks on the market provides better security for homeowners. Our customers take their security to the next level by using advanced locks to secure their windows & doors.

Cheap barrel locks are outdated & put your home at risk:

In a world where you can open any locked door with a credit card, it’s no wonder that security is such a huge concern for homeowners. But when it comes to protecting your home, it’s not just about the lock on your front door.

Lower-quality locks barrels are the standard for what’s fitted on your average uPVC door. They’re vulnerable to cylinder snapping & directly put your home at risk. If a criminal knows what they’re looking for, scouts your house out, and they’ll be able to find out whether your home uses these outdated locks instantly. These cheap lock barrels are easily bypassed with simple tools like a screwdriver and a hammer.

The best way to protect yourself from this attack is by upgrading to a better-quality lock barrel or installing an upgraded deadbolt on your front door. A deadbolt is just as good as its lock barrel — if the lock has been cheaply manufactured or installed, chances are your deadbolt will be too.

It doesn’t matter what type of door you’re using and how new it is. Unfortunately, securing your home with cheap locks isn’t end well. Burglars target homes with fewer security measures, making your home a potential target.

A uPVC door is only as secure as the lock:

The simple answer is that a uPVC door is only as secure as the lock, so if you’re using a cheap & low-quality lock, you’re putting yourself and your home at risk.

uPVC doors are generally more secure since the locking system uses multiple locking points, which is far more secure than conventional single-point locks. That being said, a uPVC door is only as secure as the lock, so if you’re using a cheap & low-quality lock, you’re putting yourself and your home at risk.

The best way to ensure your uPVC door is as secure as possible is to purchase high-quality locks from reputable suppliers such as Yale or British Standard Locks. These suppliers have been around for decades and provide high levels of security at a reasonable price point.

Regarding the security a uPVC door offers, we’re talking about the lock. uPVC doors aren’t the only types of doors that are used in our homes. So when we consider a home’s security, we should look at the lock itself. As long as you’re using a decent lock that’s been graded & guaranteed, then you’re much more secure than someone using outdated hardware.

Millennium Locksmiths:

If you’re worried about what you’ve read above and are looking for a solution, Millennium Locksmiths can help. Through years of experience & knowledge, we understand the needs of those looking to secure their home so they can sleep soundly at night. Burglaries are one of the most unsettling experiences in your life. Of course, having a professional provider in the worst-case scenario would be best. However, if you can prevent that, you’ll be much better off for it. Speak to a team member today or visit our website to learn more about our services – uPVC Door Security.

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