How To Deter Burglars From Your Home At Night

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How To Deter Burglars From Your Home At Night

Recent footage that has gone viral has shown how easy it is for people with little to no knowledge of lock-picking actually to break into a home. Some videos show how shockingly easy it is to bypass a uPVC door that isn’t locked or configured correctly, some even using something as simple as a butter knife to gain access into a home.

Burglars can do this because the point of many uPVC doors where the bolt meets the frame is relatively thin, allowing the butter knife to bend the frame away, opening the door. Videos like this prove that multi-point locking systems are an absolute must for uPVC doors since anything less will result in poor security.


Tricks like this are only possible if the homeowner hasn’t used the key to lock the door since many misinformed homeowners believe that pulling the door handle up will lock it. You must double lock your uPVC door & turn the key.

With our experience here at Millennium Locksmiths, we’ve been dealing with uPVC doors of all different makes & manufacturers, making us well-informed about the topic. We’ve written a short guide on things to look out for when considering how secure your uPVC doors are.

1. Consider a Multi-point locking system – If you’re in a position where you can upgrade your uPVC door, you should consider a multi-point lock system. Multi-point systems will lock the door in several places (usually three) to secure & lock the door much better than old-fashioned uPVC doors. This leaves much less flexibility in the door for burglars to exploit and much less room for a burglar to jam a tool in between the door & frame. Multi-point lock systems are much more secure than their single-point counterpart since it would take multiple people to force the door to flex in the same way as it would with a single-point lock.

2. You always get what you pay for – When buying a uPVC door, the cheaper they are, the less secure they’ll be (general rule). Cheaper doors also use thinner plastic, which is another weakness a burglar could exploit. Paying more for a uPVC door will often mean a thicker door with much less flex, making it less likely that someone will be able to bypass the lock. You must also pay attention to the frames, as the lock is only as strong as whatever it’s attached to. Try to stick with known manufacturers as you want something that’s got a warranty & that is guaranteed. This often means that the company that produces the door stand by their product, assuring some level of quality when it comes to its doors.

3. Think about your locks – Many uPVC doors used in the UK all use rudimentary locks that are easily bypassed. We always recommend euro cylinders since they attach to the door much differently. If you’ve bought a new door, but your lock is outdated, it will always fail at the weakest point. A door is only as secure as its lock, which means that you have to focus on having secure locks not only on your uPVC doors but on your windows too.

Burglars have various tools at their disposal and can break into your home in several ways. They may use brute force, pick locks or even cut holes in your walls to enter your home.

They can also gain access to your home by climbing through an open window or breaking a lock on the door.

Here are some ways that burglars can get into your home:

Breaking glass. Burglars will often break windows to get into the house. If you live on a second floor, they might break the glass out of an upstairs window and then drop down into the house from above. If you live on the first floor, they might break a window near ground level and crawl through it.

Picking locks. Burglars can use lock-picking tools to get into locked doors or windows without damaging them too much. These tools allow them to open most locks without leaving evidence that they were there. However, these tools are only effective if they are used correctly by someone who knows what they’re doing — so if someone tries to pick your lock but fails, then it’s probably best not to leave your door unlocked until you find someone who can secure your property.

Here are some tactics that you can use to deter burglars away from your property

Beware of the dog

Beware of the dog, as the old saying goes. And if you don’t know what that means, it’s probably because you live in a neighbourhood where every house has a dog.

You might be surprised to learn that dogs are often used as protection against criminals. At least two studies have shown that people are less likely to break into homes with dogs. One study found that burglars were sixty times more likely to avoid houses when they knew there was a dog inside than when they didn’t know there was one there. Another study found that people with no history of crime were less likely to burglarise homes with dogs than those who had been convicted of burglary.

The reason appears to be simple: Dogs aren’t just pets; they’re an essential part of many communities and families. People who see themselves as members of the community are less likely to violate its norms by breaking into homes or cars. So if you want to deter burglars, get yourself a nice friendly dog and make sure it’s displayed that you are a dog owner by putting up a beware of the dog sign where it is most visible.


CCTV systems are a great way to protect your home and business. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is used to broadcast images from a single camera to a monitor, typically located in a remote location. In the home, CCTV cameras are commonly used to protect against burglary or vandalism. They can also be used for surveillance in other ways, such as checking on pets, children or elderly relatives when you’re out of the house.

Many CCTV systems also use infrared technology so that they can operate at night or in dark areas too. This can be extremely useful if you have an outdoor CCTV camera installed which is triggered by motion sensors inside the house.

Security Fencing

Security fences are an excellent investment for your home and family. They keep your property safe from intruders and burglars. Security fences are built to resist theft and break-ins. They’re constructed using solid materials like iron, steel, wood or concrete and are built to withstand physical attacks from tools such as crowbars or sledgehammers.

Security fencing can be designed with holes in the mesh so that you can see through the fence, but burglars can’t see in, giving you peace of mind while protecting your home’s privacy and security. A security fence can prevent intruders from breaking into your yard or garage by making it harder for them to climb over (or under) it.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is one of the most important additions you can make to your home. The right security lights will deter would-be intruders, while they also help you see and be seen. Security lights come in two forms: exterior and interior. Exterior security lighting helps to prevent intruders from entering through windows or doors, as well as any other points of entry. The illumination provided by exterior security lights will make it more difficult for criminals to escape after committing a crime.

Interior security lighting helps you to see what’s going on inside your home when you’re away from it, like at night or during the day if an intruder is there. Interior security lighting can also be used during the daytime hours to keep an eye on pets, small children and elderly family members who might wander into danger zones like kitchens or bathrooms.

Security Gates

A security gate is a barrier that can be used to prevent access to a property. It can be an effective way to secure a large area, such as a warehouse or factory yard, and can be used in conjunction with other security measures. Security gates are usually made of metal and have multiple locking points. They can be operated by remote control or by keypad. Some types of security gates also lock automatically when closed, which helps deter intruders from trying to force entry through the gate.

Security gates are often used in conjunction with CCTV cameras and alarms, as well as other physical barriers like barbed wire fencing or razor wire. They can also be installed as part of an electric fence system that includes electronic sensors and alarms.

Burglar Alarms

A burglar alarm is a device that provides notice to the property owner or police in the event of a burglary or other intrusion into a building. Burglar alarms are commonly installed in homes, businesses and cars. Burglars use many techniques to break into a property, but the most common method involves breaking a window or door so that entry can be gained to the building. Once inside, burglars will typically steal valuables and then leave through another door or window.

Most burglaries occur at night when people are sleeping or away from home, but there are some thieves who break in during daytime hours when people are at work, and schools are in session.

In an effort to deter would-be thieves and alert authorities when an intrusion occurs, many homeowners have installed burglar alarms in their homes and businesses. Burglar alarms come in many shapes and sizes, but most provide the same essential functions. They detect intruders who enter through windows or doors, then alert homeowners or business owners via phone calls or text messages so that they can call the police immediately if necessary (or even contact them automatically).

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