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How Burglars Can Break Into Your Home

Recent footage that has gone viral has shown how easy it is for people with little to no knowledge of lock-picking to actually break into a home. Some videos show how shockingly easy it is to bypass a uPVC door that isn’t locked or configured properly, some even using something as simple as a butter knife to gain access into a home.

Burglars are able to do this because the point of many uPVC doors where the bolt meets the frame is quite thin, allowing the butter knife to bend the frame away opening the door. Videos like this prove that multi-point locking systems are an absolute must when it comes to uPVC doors since anything less will result in poor security.

Burglars Stealing A TV From A Home

Tricks like this are only possible if the homeowner hasn’t used the key to lock the door since a lot of misinformed homeowners believe that pulling the door handle up will lock it. You must double lock your uPVC door & turn the key.

With our experience here at Millennium Locksmiths, we’ve been dealing with uPVC doors of all different makes & manufacturers making us well informed with the topic. We’ve written a short guide on things to look out for when you consider how secure your uPVC doors are.

1. Consider a Multi-point locking system – If you’re in a position where you can upgrade your uPVC door, you should definitely consider a multi-point lock system. Multi-point systems will lock the door in several places (usually three) to secure & lock the door in much better than old fashioned uPVC doors. This leaves much less flexibility in the door for burglars to exploit and leaves much less room for a burglar to jam a tool in between the door & frame. Multi-point lock systems are much more secure than their single point counterpart since it would take multiple people to force the door to flex in the same way as it would with a single point lock.

2. You always get what you pay for – When you’re buying a uPVC door, the cheaper they are the less secure they’ll be (general rule). Cheaper doors are also used thinner plastic which is just another weakness a burglar could exploit. Paying more for a uPVC door will often mean a thicker door with much less flex, making it less likely that someone will be able to bypass the lock. You have to pay attention to the frames too as the lock is only as strong as whatever it’s attached too. Try to stick with known manufacturers as you want something that’s got a warranty & that is guaranteed. This often means that the company who produce the door stand by their product, assuring some level of quality when it comes to their doors.

3. Think about your locks – A lot of uPVC doors that are used in the UK all use rudimentary locks that are easily bypassed. We always recommend euro cylinders since they attach to the door much differently. If you’ve bought a new door but your lock is outdated then it will always fail at the weakest point. A door is only as secure as it’s lock, which means that you have to focus on having secure locks not only on your uPVC doors but on your windows too.

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