Here For You When You Need It The Most!

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Here For You When You Need It The Most!

Here For You When You Need It The Most!

As we are a 24/7 locksmith, it’s vital that we’re taking care of our customers regardless of when they need help. This is especially important when it comes to the holiday season which is usually a quiet period for most of us. Life stops for no-one however and locksmiths are needed all year round! This was proven by a recent job of ours, as we had a call-out on Christmas Eve! Whilst most are preparing for Christmas, there are those that still need the help from an emergency service provider to make sure their Christmas isn’t ruined!

Locksmith working on unlocking a locked door

We were flattered to be booked by the Buckinghamshire Trading Standards to attend an elderly customer who had lost her door key. When we arrived at the property, the customer told me that they had lost the house keys consisting of 4 keys with access to the entire home.

As we were working on the locks, two ladies appeared, one of whom introduced herself as the customer’s daughter. They were asking me about my work and one went inside. Shortly afterwards a couple of police officers arrived followed close behind by 2 PCSOs.

It turned out that the customer had a Guardian Care plan in place, having previously been scammed by bogus tradesmen and the two ladies were actually neighbours who had come to see what was happening and keep me busy while a 3rd person called the police.

I’m pleased to say that the police were satisfied that I was genuine and confirmed with Trading Standards that they had booked my attendance precisely because I have proved myself to be reliable and trustworthy through my excellent reviews. It was satisfying to be able to help one of our more vulnerable citizens – rogue tradesmen make me cross on two counts – 1. They give the good guys a bad name and 2. They prey on innocent people.

Commitment to you:

This recent job of ours reminded us that no matter when it is, there will always be a need for a dedicated service provider for those that are in need. Things happen no matter when it is, so it’s important there are people out there that can offer a service at a moment’s notice. Whether you’ve been broken into and you need someone to secure your home, or whether you’ve lost your keys and need to have your locks replaced, know that there will be someone there to help you in your time of need!

Our professional, skilled and trained team are passionate about providing locksmith services. We want to be there for those that need us, so we’re happy to provide a great service. We truly want you to be happy with our work, which is why we get so many recommendations from past customers.
From domestic to commercial, we’ve worked in a variety of sectors making us one of the most flexible locksmiths in the area. Whether you’re in an emergency or you’re looking for planned work, give us a call today. Our locksmiths are located throughout the area so you’re bound to have a quick and efficient service.

Here at Millennium Locksmiths, we usually provide locks that are meant to fortify your home against trespassers. We run into many trespassed houses that have been burgled with the main point of access being their front or back door! The locks used on these entry points are usually old or poor quality, and aren’t fit in line with proper standards!

There are a lot of locks that are provided by amateurs which undermine the security of your home. Ill-fitted locks are almost as bad as no locks since any halfway crook will be able to bypass them with even basic methods! If you are looking for a reliable locksmith to fit new locks in your home, Millennium is the provider for you.

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