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Common Problems with uPVC Doors – Millennium Locksmith Discusses

Having an issue with your uPVC door/lock can be incredibly frustrating especially when it means you are having to leave a door unlocked overnight. This isn’t the safest way of dealing with a problem with a faulty lock but it’s one that many do as they don’t think a locksmith is a right solution for this issue. We highly recommend that you inquire with a reliable locksmith that is able to come and inspect the issue. The chances are that they’ve seen the issue before & gave repaired it many times before. For more information about our uPVC repair service, visit our page on uPVC Doors

uPVC Door Repair Call a locksmith before you start messing with your door:

UPVC doors are widely used in most homes, since they are the norm in most front, back and internal doors. With many different models & manufacturers, it’s hard to find the right the locking mechanism that your door is currently using if, you ever needed to replace it. It is essential that the replacement mechanism is the correct type of mechanism that is matched for your door otherwise it will not lock & engage properly.

Tips for purchasing a replacement:

Door manufacturers usually stick to a small range of lock types for their uPVC doors. Euro cylinders are the most commonly used in the UK, so this is what you will see in most, if not all uPVC doors. A good place to find the manufacturer is the metal strip down the edge of the door. Mechanisms are unique to its maker, so it’s vital that a door that is using a particular system stays that way, as mixing manufacturers & models may make the problem worse.

Can my uPVC door locks be fixed?

Sometimes yes, but there are times when its simply not cost effective to repair them. If the fault is due to a simple part then yes it is usually quick and easy to repair the lock. However, the more complex parts of the lock can be expensive or very difficult to access within the lock and it’s just cheaper to replace the whole lock.

Millennium Locksmiths carry all the common spares so can make the repair then and there if that is the best option. If a replacement is necessary – we carry a huge variety of locks so you aren’t left waiting for parts to be ordered.

uPVC Door

uPVC Door Alignment

What can appear to be a lock problem could simply be an alignment problem. The most common cause of a uPVC door not locking is the misalignment of the mechanism. Over time the door can misalign itself with use, making the once perfect locking points misalign. Misalignment can occur from a range of reasons. A locksmith will be usually able to adjust the alignment – it should be noted that older style butt hinges are not designed to be adjusted and may just have reached the end of their lifespan.

Multipoint locks have various bolts, hooks and rollers in addition to the basic latch, all of which fit into corresponding parts of the frame and it’s possible that these might have moved and so are not lining up as they should. Whilst adjusting these is simple, getting the adjustment right does need the correct know-how.

uPVC Door Closing and Locking Problems – Alignment & Weather

It is common to experience problems with uPVC doors in extreme temperatures (hot or cold) the plastic of the door expands and contracts when heated by the sun or cooled by icy winds and low temperatures. Exposure to the weather and its elements is a consideration often overlooked when building houses or even choosing a new door but the effects cannot be disputed. We are frequently called out to doors that won’t open or close in extreme weather. This usually needs a simple adjustment but once the weather gets back to normal the door can become loose or not experience alignment problems because of the adjustment – it’s a very fine line. We often explain to a customer that they may have some ongoing alignment issues if the door is in an exposed position.

uPVC Door ReplacementEveryday problems with UPVC locks

There are numerous small problems encountered by uPVC door lock owners through everyday use, these include:

  • Euro-cylinders getting stuck, binding up or refusing to move – which prevents the key from working.
  • The spring to the multi-point parts breaking which means that they do not function & engage with the frame properly.

Thankfully these are a quick fix and do not require full replacement of the lock. Millennium Locksmiths are leading experts with uPVC door repairs & replacements, offering their services throughout Buckinghamshire. From our professional service to our quick call out times, there is a range of reasons we’re the go-to for locksmith services! Visit our website for more information or call us today – uPVC Doors


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