Common Problems with uPVC Doors

Common Problems with uPVC Doors – Millennium Locksmith Discusses

Having an issue with your uPVC door/lock can be incredibly frustrating, especially when leaving a door unlocked overnight. This isn’t the safest way of dealing with a problem with a faulty lock, but it’s one that many do as they don’t think a locksmith is the right solution for this issue. We highly recommend that you inquire with a reliable locksmith who can inspect the issue. The chances are that they’ve seen the issue before & gave repaired it many times before. For more information about our uPVC repair service, visit our page on uPVC Doors.

uPVC doors are a common choice for homeowners. They are available in a wide variety of styles and colours, they are easy to maintain, and they are reasonably priced. However, uPVC doors can have some problems.

The most common issue with uPVC is that it’s prone to fading in sunlight. This can be rectified by using a UV protectant on the door every year or so; however, if you want your door to look its best for more extended periods, it’s worth considering an alternative material like timber.

If you have an older uPVC door damaged or broken, you’ll need to replace it rather than repair it. Luckily, this isn’t too costly; but you must ensure the new one has been built properly to avoid further problems.

Another common problem with uPVC doors is that they don’t lock properly when closed- they don’t fit very well into their frames (usually because they’ve been poorly installed). If this happens, you should get professionals to adjust them to fit correctly again.

Call a locksmith before you start messing with your door:

UPVC doors are widely used in most homes since they are the norm in front, back and internal doors. With many different models & manufacturers, it’s hard to find the proper locking mechanism your door uses if you ever need to replace it. The replacement mechanism must be the correct type of mechanism matched for your door. Otherwise, it will not lock & engage properly.

If you’re having difficulty with your door, don’t try to fix it yourself. Call a professional locksmith instead. The cost of hiring an expert can be more than worth it if you save yourself from injury or damage to your property. If you’re not sure whether you should call a locksmith, here are some signs that might mean it’s time:

You’ve lost your keys. Your missing keys could mean that they haven’t been misplaced but were stolen instead. If this is the case, you may want to change all your locks simultaneously so no one can access your home or office.

You’re locked out of your home or car and don’t have a spare key. If you’re locked out because you lost your only key copy, a locksmith can duplicate it for you immediately. They can also make a new set if one has been lost or broken beyond repair.

Your door is damaged or malfunctioning in some way. If your lock isn’t working correctly — for instance, if it sticks every time you try to open it — then there’s probably something wrong with it that needs professional attention.

Tips for purchasing a replacement:

uPVC doors are a popular choice for many homes but can be problematic. The material is cheap and easy to use but is prone to damage and doesn’t last as long as other materials.

Poorly fitted locks & handles

If your uPVC door has a lock that is too big or too small for the fittings on your door, it won’t be easy to lock and unlock properly. This can cause problems when locking up or coming home late at night. You may also find that when you try to open the door with a key, it doesn’t fit properly into place, making it difficult to open from the inside if you have lost your keys outside of your home.

Door manufacturers usually use a small range of lock types for their uPVC doors. Euro cylinders are the most commonly used in the UK, so you will see this in most if not all, uPVC doors. An excellent place to find the manufacturer is the metal strip down the edge of the door. Mechanisms are unique to their maker, so a door using a particular system must stay that way, as mixing manufacturers & models may worsen the problem.

Can my uPVC door locks be fixed?

Sometimes yes, but there are times when it’s not cost-effective to repair them. If the fault is due to a simple part, then yes, it is usually quick and easy to repair the lock. However, the more complex parts of the lock can be expensive or very difficult to access within the lock, and it’s cheaper to replace the whole lock.

Millennium Locksmiths carry all the common spares, so they can repair them then and there if that is the best option. If a replacement is necessary – we carry many locks, so you aren’t left waiting for parts to be ordered.

uPVC Door Alignment

What can appear to be a lock problem could be an alignment problem. The most common cause of a uPVC door not locking is the misalignment of the mechanism. Over time the door can misalign itself with use, making the once-perfect locking points misalign. Misalignment can occur for a range of reasons. A locksmith will usually be able to adjust the alignment – it should be noted that older-style butt hinges are not designed to be adjusted and may just have reached the end of their lifespan.

Multipoint locks have various bolts, hooks and rollers in addition to the essential latch, all of which fit into corresponding parts of the frame, and it’s possible that these might have moved, and so are not lining up as they should. While adjusting these is simple, getting the adjustment right requires the correct know-how.

What is uPVC Door Alignment?

Aligning a uPVC door ensures that all components are straight and that there are no gaps between the door frame, threshold and bricks.

Why should you align your door?

The main reason for alignment is to improve the aesthetics of your front entrance. If you have an uneven-looking entrance, then it can make it look untidy and unprofessional. However, if your door is aligned correctly, it will give you a professional-looking entrance which will improve the overall appearance of your home. Another reason for alignment is to prevent damage from occurring to your door or front entrance. If gaps exist between the bricks and the threshold, water can get trapped inside, leading to dampness and mould growing on your walls. This can cause costly damage to your property, so you must get your doors aligned correctly as soon as possible before any damage occurs!

How do I align my door?

If you want to align your front door, there are two main ways this can be done: DIY and professional services. The DIY option involves buying a set of wedges from B&Q or Homebase, which cost around £20 each, depending on how many you need.

uPVC Door Closing and Locking Problems – Alignment & Weather

It is common to experience problems with uPVC doors in extreme temperatures (hot or cold). The plastic of the door expands and contracts when heated by the sun or cooled by icy winds and low temperatures. Exposure to the weather and its elements is often overlooked when building houses or choosing a new door, but the effects cannot be disputed. We are frequently called out to doors that won’t open or close in extreme weather. This usually needs a simple adjustment. However, once the weather returns to normal, the door can become loose or not experience alignment problems because of the adjustment – it’s a fine line. We often explain to a customer that they may have ongoing alignment issues if the door is exposed.

Everyday problems with UPVC locks

UPVC door lock owners encounter numerous minor problems through everyday use. These include:

  • Euro-cylinders getting stuck, binding up or refusing to move prevents the key from working.
  • The spring to the multi-point parts break, meaning they do not function & engage with the frame properly.

Thankfully these are quick fixes and do not require a complete lock replacement. Millennium Locksmiths are leading experts with uPVC door repairs & replacements, offering their services throughout Buckinghamshire. From our professional service to our quick call-out times, there is a range of reasons we’re the go-to for locksmith services. Visit our website for more information, or call us today – uPVC Doors.

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