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Working with the Police and other Services

In our field, it’s almost a certainty that some jobs will involve the co-operation of the Police. From break-ins to emergency situations, there is a range of ways that the Police can be involved in the work that we do. It’s imperative that your chosen locksmith works with any form of emergency services in a well-conducted and timely manner. Over the years, we’ve done a lot of locksmith work alongside the police, social care and other care agencies. I feel that this is a very real reflection of the high standard of service that Millennium Locksmiths provides.

Police Officer On DutyIt is a fact that the police will not formally recommend or approve any business but I am pleased to have had my number given to victims of break-ins on numerous occasions. Due to the relationship we have built locally, we are often the first point of call when someone is faced with a daunting situation like a burgled home. It can be hard to think rationally in emotional times like this since our first emotional reaction is usually one of fear. We’re respectful of any homeowner we work with, ensuring that we’re able to help secure their home once more.

It is a common belief that the police can open a door if you are locked out – they only way they can do so is by physically breaking in with a ‘door enforcer’ (as used in dawn raids! – this normally requires a replacement door and possibly door frame as well – so not ideal!

Working with Millennium:

Only a couple of months ago I was called to a job by Trading Standards, where unknown to me, the customer was under Guardian Care – this means that a care agency was responsible for the customer’s financial affairs due to their diminished mental capacity. Observant neighbours had spotted my van outside and called the police who checked out Millennium Locksmiths and established that I was a bona fide business and authorised me to continue whilst they reassured the neighbours and carers that I was reliable and would do a good job

I have been called to a care home who were concerned for the resident inside who was not responding to the phone or door. Unlike the police, I was able to unlock the door without any damage to find the resident safe and well on the other side.

Recommended by others:

There have been numerous occasions where I have been told that the police are satisfied with my attendance at a home or business following a burglary or break-in because they know that I am familiar with this type of work). On these occasions, I always wear gloves and shoe covers so as not to add unnecessary finger and footprints. I also always ask the customer to check that the police are happy for me to commence work to avoid destroying evidence. I’ve learned to leave the old locks behind so that they can be dusted for fingerprints.

I am proud to have done many lock jobs for serving and former police officers, armed services personnel, and health and social care professionals. I know that Millennium Locksmiths is chosen by these people because of the fantastic reputation that I have built up over the last 15 years, but it is also because customers know of my previous career in the army which has reinforced my own high standards and given me the skills to be able to react to situations with professionalism.

Here at Millennium Locksmiths, we usually provide locks that are meant to fortify your home against trespassers. We run into many trespassed houses that have been burgled with the main point of access being their front or back door! The locks used on these entry points are usually old or poor quality, and aren’t fit in line with proper standards! There are a lot of locks that are provided by amateurs which undermine the security of your home. Ill-fitted locks are almost as bad as no locks since any halfway crook will be able to bypass them with even basic methods! If you are looking for a reliable locksmith to fit new locks in your home, Millennium is the provider for you.


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