There are many reasons that people feel vulnerable: age, disability, mental health, previous life experiences, anxiety – to name just a few.

Unfortunately there are also a lot on unscrupulous people in the locksmith industry – primarily because its currently unregulated and many of my fellow genuine locksmiths feel angry that the rogues damage our collective reputations with cowboy practices. So here are my best tips for finding a genuine, reputable locksmith (you can find similar advice offered by many other bodies eg Trading Standards, Which, Age UK, Citizens Advice).

Look for:

  1. Personal recommendations from someone you trust
  2. A locally based company (beware some national companies use local phone numbers as a marketing tactic)
  3. Family run – it should mean that the business has firm roots in the area so they must be doing something right
  4. Accreditations to known bodies – Trading Standards, Which – these set minimum standards for business practice which member have to meet
  5. Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) checked. This is a police check and shows no criminal record.
  6. Reviews and read some. Are the reviews actually local? (if not the company could be national and therefore have more people in the chain which will inflate prices). How many reviews and over what period of time> if the reviews are all within a short timeframe then they might not be genuine. Everyone has a few bad reviews but most should be good if they ar a reputable company.
  7. Photographs on the website – can you see who will come?
  8. Beware of very low quotes – these are often a call out fee. Once they are at your door the price is likely to escalate dramatically. It is difficult to be accurate on phone quotations because we don’t know what the problem is and there are many different types of lock at a huge price range but with some help from you we can give a guide price.
  9. Cowboy locksmiths are often very keen to get your address early in the call so that they can arrive before you change your mind. A genuine locksmith will be happy for you to consider your options and call back if necessary

For our part we are conscious that some customers feel vulnerable so we endeavour to be professional and transparent. We wear a uniform and have a signwritten van. We are happy to give you a business card on arrival.

We tend to give a price range rather than a fixed price. Because its difficult to be accurate over the phone.

We know it’s a big deal having a stranger in your home so we are respectful of you and your property and maintain a professional distance from you (particularly since Covid). We carry facemasks, gloves and overshoes, we clear up any mess before we leave.

Please tell us if you have any particular needs regarding your door locks as we are keen that your security is suited to you

In summary we care about our customers and make every effort to ensure that you feel comfortable enough to trust us with your security.

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