uPVC Mechanisms – Common problems you might face!

uPVC doors offer great convenience, style & security to modern-day homes. Their widespread use over traditional wooden doors is mostly due to its refined design. uPVC doors offer a range of benefits, from better thermal properties to increased security. These are all pro’s that a lot of homeowners seek, which is why you’ll most likely have them in your home! uPVC doors aren’t without issues as parts can gradually wear down. This will hinder or stops the normal function of uPVC mechanisms. If you’re experiencing issues with your uPVC door & it’s been in use for a few years, the chances are that a part of the mechanism has broken which has affected its operation.

If you’ve had issues with your uPVC door, give us a call & we can help you! We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners with different types of doors. We have the experience & expertise to solve your problem quickly & cheaply! If you would like more information about uPVC mechanisms in particular, visit our page or keep reading this article!

Can I fix the door myself?

It’s tempting to try & sort the door out yourself as it might seem like an easy job. This is far from the truth as uPVC locking mechanisms are intricate in their design. It takes a comprehensive understanding of these systems to repair them! If your door/lock isn’t working as smoothly as it was but still locks, your best bet is to leave it to a professional to come and sort out! Worst case scenario for your home is if you try to disassemble the uPVC mechanism yourself and then you’re left with a door that doesn’t lock! This is an unsafe situation for you & your family, as you’re leaving your home literally open to burglars & criminals.

If you want to fix a faulty uPVC door that you’re having trouble with, leave it to the professionals! They are trained to fix these types of problems, and do so with care, knowledge & pride!

The mechanism is the usual suspect when a uPVC door starts playing up, as it’s one of the most common repairs we deal with! Our locksmiths have dealt with uPVC door repairs for years, making us one of the most experienced companies out there. As trained locksmiths, we’ve most likely seen the problem your facing before, so you’re guaranteed a quick answer & solution to your problem when you call Millennium Locksmiths! We’ve worked with a lot of uPVC mechanisms in our time, so we understand common problems & how they can be fixed. From faulty mechanisms to stiff locks, we’ve dealt with them all!

What if my uPVC mechanism isn’t repairable?

If we visit your home & discover that your door is beyond repair, you have a few options. We can work to replace the entire mechanism to make sure that the door is working properly again. We can also work to replace a specific part to restore proper function. The latter depends on if it’s cost-effective to repair the existing mechanism. If it’s just cheaper to replace the entire thing, then that’s the option you should go for! This also depends on if the lock is compatible with a new mechanism, as you may want to keep the original keys for the door. If this is the case, this could cut costs but may decrease the likelihood of a repair.

Regardless of what conclusion we reach with your problematic door, rest assured that we will be able to fix it one way or another! It could take one part, it may take an entire mechanism! We just won’t know until we take a look in person. You can rest easy however as we work with the best supplier to deliver the best products to our customers. We want to ensure that we have one of the widest ranges of uPVC mechanisms in stock, ready to install if you need them!

My uPVC Lock is playing up, what’s causing this?

Whilst uPVC mechanisms are the usual suspect when a uPVC door starts playing up, it’s not uncommon for the lock to have damaged/general wear. If the door is several years old, you can bet that the lock has seen it’s share of use. Constant use will wear on components, causing slow degradation of certain parts. These particular parts are replaceable but it could be more cost-effective to have the entire cylinder replaced. If we can repair the lock cylinder, we should have the parts to do so. We’ve dealt with hundreds of different doors, so we should have your door up and running in no time!

If you’re having issues with your locks or just need something looking at, give Millennium a ring! We’re available for any locksmith enquiries on 07966 233092 or check out our website for additional information uPVC Mechanisms Speak to an advisor today & we’ll have a locksmith sent out as soon as possible!


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