Top 5 Common Door Lock Problems In the UK

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At Millennium Locksmiths, we understand that a functional and secure door lock is crucial for the safety of your home or business. However, door locks can sometimes present problems that can compromise your security or cause inconvenience.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common door lock problems, their possible causes, and how Millennium Locksmiths can help you resolve these issues.

1. Misaligned Door Lock

One of the most common reasons people find their door isn’t locking is because of a misaligned door. Whether it’s because of the door itself on the hinges, how it fits in the frame, the striking plate or the location of the lock, a misalignment can mean your door won’t lock properly.

The Solution

Spotting this problem is easier than fixing it. If you have the right tools and the right skills, it’s possible to realign the door. However, if you aren’t sure why it’s misaligned and you don’t have the tools to realign it, then it’s better to let a professional locksmith remedy the situation. It may be that your lock was not fitted properly in the first place. At Millennium Locksmiths, we have the expertise to diagnose and fix misaligned door locks efficiently and effectively.

2. Door Lock Won’t Turn

When you find your door lock won’t turn, there can be a number of reasons. On a uPVC door, it may be an issue with the barrel or gearbox which is stopping you from turning the lock, while with a Yale lock – or latch lock – it could be the internal mechanism that is the issue. A mortice lock is a type you’ll often find in a wooden door and either faulty levers inside or a broken bolt thrower could be the reason the lock won’t turn.

The Solution

In most of these instances, it’ll likely mean you need a replacement lock. Yale locks and mortice locks might be something you can pick up and replace if you have the time, skill and tools, while a uPVC lock will require the specialist services of a locksmith. Whatever type of lock you have, if internal components have failed, it’s always advised that you seek professional help to ensure the security of your property is upheld with a professional replacement service. Millennium Locksmiths can provide expert lock replacement services to ensure your property remains secure.

3. Lock Cylinder Keeps Turning

As with all lock issues, a key spinning in a lock could be due to a number of different reasons depending on the lock type. It often means the internal mechanism has detached, resulting in the power of your turn not affecting the bolt. Alternatively, the cylinder itself may be loose.

The Solution

It’s simple enough to spot this problem but not quite as easy to diagnose the precise reason it’s happening without removing the lock – especially difficult if you can’t even open the door. A professional locksmith will be able to check why your key is spinning and take any necessary action to restore the lock or replace it if it’s beyond repair. The worst thing you can do is to keep spinning or tampering with the lock if you don’t have experience fixing it. You may even make the situation worse, requiring a full replacement as opposed to a simple repair. Millennium Locksmiths can diagnose and fix this issue, ensuring your lock functions properly.

4. Slow Lock & Handle

If you find yourself having to force your lock when locking or unlocking your door, it might not be the end of the world, since you can still get in and out of your property, butit’s still a nuisance and should not be ignored. If you ignore the problem, it won’t go away and will likely deteriorate to the point where the handle or lock doesn’t move at all.

The Solution

Of all the issues on this list, this might be the easiest issue to solve yourself. Dirt and grime build up in locks over time, clogging it and making it difficult to move. Clear away any dust and dirt you can see on your lock, the keyhole and the mechanism along the edge of the door. Following this, use a graphite lubricant to help the part move smoothly and avoid friction which can slow down the operation of the lock. Ensure you only use a lubricant recommended for locks as some types of lubricant will create more clogging over time. If these steps don’t remedy the issue, call in a locksmith who will be able to dig deeper and help restore working order to your door. Millennium Locksmiths can provide professional cleaning and lubrication services to ensure your lock operates smoothly.

5. Key Broken In Lock

A key that has broken off in the lock is a really obvious issue to diagnose. This happens for two reasons: either you snapped your key in the lock, or someone else with a key to the property has snapped their key in the lock, blocking yours from entering in the first place.

The Solution

We covered the reasons behind this and the possible solutions in our previous post, so if you’re looking for advice on this specific issue, please read the dedicated post on how to fix a key stuck in a lock. In general, it’s best to call a professional locksmith to extract the broken key without damaging the lock. Millennium Locksmiths has the tools and expertise to safely remove broken keys from locks.

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Door lock problems can be frustrating and compromise the security of your property. However, with the right knowledge and assistance, these issues can be resolved effectively. At Millennium Locksmiths, we’re committed to providing top-quality locksmith services to address all your door lock problems.

If you’re facing any of these common door lock problems, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with any lock-related issues you may have. With Millennium Locksmiths, you can rest assured that your property’s security is in good hands.

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