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Looking for a Locksmith in Maidenhead, Taplow, Burnham, Marlow, Cookham, Farnham Royal, Windsor, Stoke Poges, Hurley, Burchett’s Green and all surrounding areas call 01628 879873?

We are a family run business with experienced Locksmiths local to Maidenhead.

Fast and affordable 24/7 Locksmith services, contact Tim your Local Locksmith on 01628 879873

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Millennium Locksmiths are an independent, family-owned company that specialises in domestic and commercial locksmith services in Maidenhead. Our locksmiths specialise in professional locksmith services ensuring that we’re providing nothing but the best. Most people don’t plan to need a locksmith since it’s usually emergency call-outs that we deal with. This, however, doesn’t mean we don’t offer planned remedial work since we offer lock repairs and upgrades for those looking to plan and have their home secured properly. 

With our emergency locksmith service, our locksmiths will reach your place as soon as they can. Our locksmiths are always in the area meaning you’ll be met with a quick service that’ll take care of everything.

For additional details on our emergency locksmith service in Maidenhead be sure to give us a call on – 01628 879873

Put your trust in us: 

It can be hard to fully relax in your home if you’ve just been burgled and you’re scared that you can’t secure your home. If you’ve had experience with this, you’ll know how scary and fearful it is to have to sleep in a home that’s been broken into. Using our service, we’ll be able to fully protect your home, offering temporary and permanent solutions depending on the damage that was caused. Our locksmiths will work with you to ensure your home can be locked ensuring the safety of you, your family and your possessions within. 

Research shows that homes utilising up-to-date locks on all doors and windows will have less of a chance of being burgled. This might seem like an obvious point but you would be surprised about how many homeowners overlook simple measures like ensuring their locks are fully functional. Homes with older locks are usually the chosen target for burglars, giving that it’s a much easier target for them to gain entry. If you’re worried about the safety of your home and you’d like to consult with our team, give us a call on 01628 879873 or take a look through the rest of our website for more information.

Accredited Locksmith Service

Most people are unaware that locksmiths go through years of training to ensure that they are capable of repairing and replacing locks of all types, ages and models. This is where the difference lies between amateurs and professionals as this form of accreditation is vital for those that aren’t aware of how to find a professional locksmith. 

Finding an accredited locksmith service can be difficult especially if you don’t know where to look. Accredited locksmiths are bound to be more reliable, efficient and usually more cost-effective since the job only needs to be done once. 

Locked out of your home? Don’t panic! 

If you’ve locked yourself out of your home, office or warehouse then you don’t need to panic! As annoying and scary as it might be when you first realised what’s happened, a quick call to Millennium Locksmiths is all you need to set you right! Speaking with our team and arranging an emergency lockout service has to be safer than trying to climb up your through your bathroom window, or trying to squeeze through your cat flap! 

At Millennium Locksmiths, we’ve developed various techniques and methods for gaining entry into locked out homes. When you call us, a locksmith will be quickly dispatched to your home. They’ll be able to quickly review your locks, deciding on the best way to give you access to your home. If we can, we’ll try less invasive and damaging methods first to try and minimise the costs. If the entire lock needs to be replaced, then we’ll work quickly to ensure you can gain access into your home whilst you’re still able to lock it. 

Upgrading your locks

There is a range of reasons why a homeowner or business owner might want to upgrade their locks. Either you’ve been forced too through a break-in or attempted break-in, or you’re trying to improve the level of protection your property has. We hope it’s the latter, however, we do work with a lot of homes that have been broken into. Upgrading your locks is a surefire way of decreasing the chances of a burglar gaining entry. As we mentioned above, up to date locks on every door and window of your home shows a potential burglar that your home is well protected, making it a much harder option. 

Business owners will also want to consider these options when securing their property as there are surely goods and equipment that are worth protecting. Whether it’s an office full of computers or a warehouse full of stock, you’ll want to ensure that it’s well protected with the latest locks. 

Whatever the reason may be, making use of professional locksmith services is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the best security for your property. When upgrading your locks, you’ll want the job done in a high-quality manner, ensuring that you’re getting the best possible security. This is why we always recommend our services to those looking to improve their property’s security since we’re committed to delivering a professional service that caters to your needs.

Fully Transparent Service:

We’ll always keep you up to date with what’s going and and inform you as we’re working. We don’t hide between locksmith jargon and confusing language because we want our customers to be able to understand the work we’re doing. For us, it’s hard to prove and show value from service if the customer doesn’t understand it! This is why we’re devoted to delivering transparent locksmith services that enable you to understand the process. 

Millennium Locksmiths – skilled, accredited, reputable and cost-effective locksmiths services for those that need it – Give us a call on 01628 879873 and speak to a member of our team today! 


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