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The Hall Of Shame

Trading since 2005, we’ve run into our fair share of outright shameful examples of locksmith work offered by “cowboy” locksmiths. We want to highlight a few stories, showing you the benefit of working with a professional locksmith.

Too Good To Be True

We’ve turned up to multiple jobs recently, only to find out another locksmith has already worked on the lock. Whilst this might seem odd for someone to call two locksmiths for the same lock, most of the time we’re fixing someone else’s mistake! It’s a common sight for us to see a poorly installed lock that hasn’t been fitted correctly, offering little to no protection other than it keeps the door shut.

This is a classic case of an amateur locksmith turning up to the job and misleading the homeowner making them think they’ve done an adequate job. It isn’t until the day or two after that the homeowner realises that the lock isn’t as perfect as they were made to think! We’ve gone into these jobs and sorted any misfitted locks, either replacing the entire lock or repairing damage that the previous locksmith has done.


Don’t Always Trust The Cheapest!

A common theme with amateur locksmiths has been misquoting, where the locksmith turns up to the job, provides you with an initial quote and will proceed to fit the lock/repair the lock. In this situation, the locksmith will often misquote at the beginning and will ask for more money than the initial quote. This leaves the homeowner in an awkward position as they are often pressured into feeling like they need the job completed there and then. This is especially true for those that are in need of an emergency locksmith as it’s natural for the homeowner to want the job completed as fast as possible.

At Millennium, we would advise enquiring further with the locksmith to ensure that the initial quote is the full quote and that any parts added are discussed prior to fitting. This gives you the time you need to make an informed decision.


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